LOOK: Here’s A Challenge For All #SongSongCouple Fans After Divorce News

Can you do this challenge?

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After the breaking news that Song Joong Ki officially files a divorce case to Song Hye Kyo, fans could not get over it. Mixed reactions and opinions are posted online, also speculations on why the Song-Song couple made this decision.

It is really hard for the couple’s fans to move on especially that this news popped out out-of-nowhere. In connection to that, Song-Song fans created a challenge for their co-fans.

This challenge is to test if they can still feel the way the felt before or just cry their feelings out.

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Here’s the challenge: Re-watch Descendants of the Sun like they did before.

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A challenge that seems so easy for others, but a really hard one especially to all Song-Song fans!

The couple’s fans have different takes on this.

Some said they still felt the “kilig” as they have watched it for the first time and the divorce news of Song-Song did not affect them at all.

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I watched it for 5 times, and still cannot get over it.
For me, I watched it more than 15x already and still my fav. And now, currently watching it.

While others, they felt so much pain re-watching it thinking of the couple’s separation.

What is that challenge?! That’s so hard!

Well, whatever our reaction for that challenge, what is important is to do our part as a fan: that is to respect Song-Song’s decision and to support them no matter what.

What can you say about this? Share your feels at the comments!

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