LOOK: Seo Kang Jun stole the heart of his fans on his succesful fan meeting in Manila!

As a certified Kdrama fan, I am always up to date whenever there is new and upcoming Korean drama. I remember the first time I watched Seo Kang Jun. That was in Are You A Human. Never did I thought that I’d go fangirling over him. My Gosh bes!

So I searched for all his previous movies and dramas. Until such time that I posted on my twitter that I wanted to see him and I am willing to buy VIP ticket if theres a posibility of him to have a fan meeting here in the Philippines.

(Look at those screenshots from my twitter.lol)

Not so long ago. My dream and every Seo Kang Jun’s stans were made possible by CDM Entertainment and Maxperience Entertainment. In partnership with Fantagio Group.

On May 25, 2019, Seo Kang Jun held his first ever fan meeting in the Philippines. Believe it or not mga bes, our robot oppa is really charming and nice as a person not just an actor.

Here are the list of how this oppa melts every fan girls heart:

1. He shows off his dancing skills.

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Kang Jun says he is not good in dancing but when his fans shouted sample sample means to try dancing. I thought he would say no but darling he says yes and willing to try. One lucky fan was given a chance to dance with him for five seconds.

2. He tried Filipino delicacies.

Off course this fan meeting would not be complete without him trying to taste Filipino food. He was offered to try empanada, lechon and leche flan. But his favorite is lechon. He was able to say Sobrang Sarap bes!

(Heared that voice mga bes? Napaka manly)

3. He interacts with his fans passionately.

When you see how Kang Jun interacts with his fans. We can tell that he is really a nice person. He sometimes ask permission from his fans during the Sago at Gulaman making. He even gave us a sweet smile and laugh when he finds something new to him. Isn’t he the sweetest?

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(These photos shows Kang Jun making Sago at Gulaman for his fans)

4. He sings English song so well.

As a kdrama fan, we always find it amusing if oppa can speak English very well. It makes them more manly and we fall for them even more. But do you know that Seo Kang Jun can sing English songs so well? I already saw him sings How deep is your love. But during his fan meeting here. He serenade his fans by singing Thinking Out Loud.

(Just a short 30 seconds video clip bes)

5. He genuinely play games with his fans.

Lucky fans were given a chance to play with Kang Jun. Off course all of us are dying to be in their place but not all of us can be accomodated. That is why Hi Touch segment is there.

(Ate how to be you po?)

(Confident at its finest!)

6. The Hi Touch session.

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It’s once in a lifetime moment seeing your ultimate oppa in flesh and standing in front of him. Touching his hand very quick. Well its one of the most happiest thing ever happen in a fn girls life. We are real life Sung Deok Mi mga bes!

7. The photo op with Seo Kang Jun.

Aside from Hi Touch perk. Mvp ticket holders are eligible to have a photo session with him by group.

Before the end of the fan meet he promise that he will be back. We are always waiting for you oppa Nam Shin.

Thank you CDM Entertainment and Maxperience Entertainment for bringing Kang Jun here. Thank you also for the suppport of his official fans club Seo Kang Joon Philippines.

Indeed it’s a night full of charms brought to us by Seo Kang Jun himself.

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