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4 Korean Movies You Will Never Regret Watching

Without a doubt, korean movies are one of the things that make us fall in love more with the korean culture. It has a wide variety of genres from heart-stopping thrillers to heart-thumping romantic scenes.

In addition to this, movies run for approximately two-hours. Thus, it will not take up at lot of our time.

Throughout the years we have come to love korean movies. For this reason, we often ran out of shows to watch. Given that, here are 4 well-made korean films coming from different genres that you can check out.

1. Love+Sling

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Sung Woong (Kim Min Jae) devotes his life to become a national-level wrestler even though wrestling doesn’t interest him one bit. But his father, Gui Bo (Yoo Hae Jin) sacrifices everything for his son’s “dream”.

One day, Sung Woong’s life is turned upside down when the girl he has a crush on confesses that she has feelings for his father, and thus they begin wrestling for love.

If you are looking for something sweet to watch, this movie is for you. Not to mention that Lee Sung Kyung slayed her role in this film. Moreover, if you can’t get enough of Kim Bok Joo, obviously, you’ll love Love+Sling.

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The unique plot made me stay until the end. It’s not the usual “handsome boy fell in love with the handsome girl” type of movie, well it is for some parts. In some scenes, I cringed big time however it’s a fun movie to see. It’s also heartwarming in the end.

In addition, the children who played little Go Dong Man and little Choi Aera is here! To sum it up, the kind of movie to watch after a heavy drama.

2. The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Action

Plot: 10 years ago, Ja Yoon escaped from a government facility in the midst of an inexplicable incident by herself and lost all her memory. An old couple takes her in even though she doesn’t know her name or age. She grows up to be a bright high school student and enters a nationally televised audition program to win the top prize and help her struggling family out. As soon as she appears on TV, strange people start appearing in her life. A man named ‘Nobleman’ constantly roams around her, in addition to ‘Dr. Baek’ and ‘Mr. Choi’ who have been searching for her since her disappearance. Ja Yoon’s life falls into turmoil as they turn her seemingly ordinary life upside down in a blink of an eye.

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I’ve never been amazed by a korean movie for a long time. This movie is extremely well-made. At first, I thought that this will scare the hell out of me, but NO! It piqued my curiosity as the show went on. In addition, I fell in love in Choi Woo Sik’s character and his sexy american accent.

All in all, it’s a must watch movie! 10 over 10!

3. The Dude In Me

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

Dong Hyun (Jin Young) is a high school student. One day, he falls from the rooftop and bumps into Pan Soo (Park Sung Woong) who is a passerby. Pan Soo is a member of a criminal organization. When the two men wake up in the hospital, they discover that they have switched bodies.

“The Dude In Me” succeeded in the comedy aspect without losing its heartwarming side. I commend Jin Young and Park Sung Woong’s stellar acting skills. The amount of cringe, laugh, and clap I gave to this film. Definitely, a must watch for those looking for a good laugh.

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4. The Negotiation

Ha Chae-Yoon (Son Ye Jin) is a crisis negotiator for the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. She carries herself with a calm and cool-headed attitude. Min Tae Gu (Hyun Bin) is a weapons smuggler for an international crime organization. He stages a terrifying hostage situation and Ha Chae Yoon only has 12 hours to save the hostages.


I am amazed by Hyun Bin, I saw a whole different side of him on this movie. The way he portrayed his character as the bad guy is absolutely well-acted. To tell you honestly, I am a big fan of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, thus, the reason why I watched this film, however, I must say, I stayed because of the plot.

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