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#BaeJinyoungIMYOUNGinManila: Bae Jinyoung promised fans that he will be back

Bae Jinyoung came back in Manila for his first ever solo fanmeeting in Manila on May 18 at The New Frontier Theater.

What a wonderful night! Around 6:00 PM, the fans cheers and support was felt as the lights dim. The fans went crazy as soon as Bae Jinyoung showed up on the stage.

For the opening stage, Bae Jinyoung performs with a heart-warming song of TVXQ – Hug. The fans fell in love with his sweet voice matched with amazing dance moves.

Bae Jinyoung performs for his ‘little girls’ a song that most Produce 101 S2 fans surely missed – ‘Oh Little Girl’. After that cool and cute performance, Bae Jinyoung come back on the stage to perform ‘The Hill’ by The Weeknd, his sexiness made the fans go wild with his breathtaking dance breaks that he himself choreographed.

Furthermore, he then performed ‘11‘ a song that wannables surely missed as it was Wanna One – No. 1 (Jihoon, Bae Jinyoung and Guanlin) unit song. Fans can’t keep themselves but to sing with him.

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‘Three Wonders of Bae Jinyoung’ is the first segment of his fanmeeting, he will be asked the truth behind his three wonders. The first wonder is his Unchanging Angle – Amazingly for all the photos his angles are all the same, measuring 45 degree sharp angle. Bae Jinyoung was asked to pose and it was confirmed that he has unchanging angles when taking photos.

For the second wonder, Is Bae Jinyoung really 11 deung sin( the height is 11x of his face)? Eight Deung sin is considered the perfect proportions of an individual. The host, Sunny Kim measured Bae Jinyoung’s height with a copy of Jinyoung’s face. After checking it was revealed that bae Jinyoung is not 11 deung sin but approximately 13 deung sin. The third wonder is ‘Why did Bae Jinyoung become ‘Baebastic‘ on his introduction video for Produce 101 S2, he then revealed that the company advice him to do that. Bae Jinyoung is very giving as he then re-enact his introductory video in Korean traditional clothes.

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Morever, for the second segment it is entitled ‘The Moment, when I Fell for Bae Jinyoung’. In this segment he will read the moments fans fell for him or on when did they start loving Jinyoung. For the last segment, he fulfilled his fans wish. Before the event start fans are asked to write a wish they want bae Jinyoung to fulfill. Some of the wish he granted is to say ‘Babalik ulit ako (I will come back)’, do an aegyo and say ‘Gwapo Ako (I’m handsome)’ and more.

Bae Jinyoung learned some tagalog words like Ate, Kuya, Bunso and Kaibigan. He also do an ASMR morning alarm for his lovely fans. He was surprised with a fanmade VCR and a birthday cake as he turned 19 years old (International age) last May 10. He promised that he will be back to Philippines again.

It’s really hard to say goodbye, Bae Jinyoung performs his debut single ‘Hard to Say Goodbye’ a very touching song for all the fans out there. As he is our ‘BAEby’ he performed Justin Bieber’s hit song ‘Baby’.

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A special video made for the fans was shown in the screen that makes them more in love with Bae Jinyoung.

Fan perks was done after the fanmeeting.

It was a very intimate and wonderful night. Thank you very much CDM Entertainment for giving us a chance to cover this event.

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