Kim Heechul, IU and other celebrities donate millions to the people affected by the Gangwondo Wildfire Disaster

The wildfire that started on the night of April 4 is now considered as the worst wildfire disaster in Korean history. The wildfire is now 100% extinguished but it still managed to displace hundreds of residents, destroy a huge part of land and incurred a huge amount of property damage.

The news immediately gathered support from the international community. Korean celebrities, especially those from Gangwondo were quick to send their aid.

A proud native of Hoengseong, Wonju in Gangwondo, Kim Heechul donated a sum of 30 million won (~27,000$) to aid the affected residents. He also decided to show his support today on his youtube channel.

IU also sent her help by donating 100 million won to Green Umbrella Children Foundation to specifically help the children affected by the disaster.

Likewise, writer Kim Eun-sook, composer Yu Jae Hwan and comedian Shim Eun-seop all sent their donations to help the people affected.

Let us also pray for all of those that were affected by this disaster.

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