On the February 12 episode of KBS2’s new talk variety ‘Six-Party Talks‘, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul chats about how he started a new YouTube Channel. The panel members were discussing the current trends and changes on the use of online platforms when the topic of celebrities opening their broadcast channels came up.

Heechul was known as an active social media user since his debut. He’s even managing his “mini-hompi” (mini – homepage) fansite and participating on fan forums and discussions.

Heechul stated, “In the past, people got interested when a celebrity starts an internet broadcast but now, people immediately turn away if there’s nothing much there.

Korean celebrities are using different video broadcast platforms like Instagram live, Vlive and YouTube channels to connect with fans.

When Heechul decided on the idea of opening his own YouTube channel, he discussed it with his fans and staff on an IG Live, asking for suggestions on the type of content.

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He also told about how much he earned from it so far, “When I first opened up my channel, I earned about 15,000 KRW (13 USD) in the first month. I have about 70,000 subscribers now but you need to have something definite. There are non-celebrity creators with tens and thousands of subscribers.

He started with livestreams of himself learning about the technical set-up; from the camera settings up to the computer programs and YouTube interface. He then proceeded with gaming livestreams even playing PUBG with actor Yoon Kyun Sang.

However, he recently explored other content genres transforming his channel into a personal online variety show with his KIMS (Kim Heechul Staff).

As of writing, his channel have a 85,676 subscribers and counting.

Watch a sample episode and subscribe on his channel!

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