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READ: Struggles that BTS went through behind their great success now

BTS is a seven-piece Korean pop group who has been hitting various music charts for how many times. Aside from that, they also keep on bagging different awards from the industry.

Guess what! BTS isn’t no longer just popular in the local but even in world wide now. With that, numerous fans have been watching their official music videos with four of it having over 400 million views. What’s much amusing, million copies of their albums have already been sold.

BTS at a Fan sign way back 2013

Why does it seem that many fans have been idolizing BTS and keep on choosing to be an ARMY?

Could it be because of the members good vocals? Great dance machines? Good music? Amazing choreography? Or could it be because BTS is a group full of multi-talented members? Entertaining and adorable stars?

The answer could be a yes but certainly, lots of ARMYs can’t just leave the fandom and their idols because of one thing. What could it be then? It’s the fact that the members are just so pure and hardworking who have been the inspiration and role model of others.

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Did all of you know that BTS is just any other people who went through struggles before aiming their great success?

Below are the true stories behind the achievements of the boy band.

The Members

BTS’ V has shared in interviews that he came from a poor family. Accordingly, he was raised by a family of farmers; and has visualized himself back then as a farmer as well if he isn’t a member of the group.

Photo Credits to Billboard

BTS’ Suga is another member who also came from a poor family. He once stated that he couldn’t believe it that he’s already an idol. Sadly, Suga claimed that he suffered from depression before.

Photo Credits to NAVER x Dispatch

BTS’ J-Hope almost didn’t debut with the boy band. He cried that time together with Jungkook over a hug. However, RM got to convince the agency to bring J-Hope back.

Photo Credits to AllKpop

BTS’ Jimin once struggled in maintaining his healthy weight especially his abs. However, Jimin already got through this stage and much happy now with his weight.

Photo Credits to SBS

BTS’ RM mentioned before that his mother was hesitant of allowing him to become a rapper. Gladly, he convinced his mother later on.

Photo Credits to Dispatch

At the same time, other members of the group also have their own worries which they shared in an interview with Star News last 2016.

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For BTS’ Jin, it was about the fact if he can still perform in a concert in his 30s and 40s. While for BTS’ Jungkook, it was related on how he should live so others would say that he was able to live well.

The Group

Photo Credits to Elite Daily

As people know well, BTS debuted in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment. By that time, the agency is just a small company with little success. With that, the promotion isn’t that good for them and was sometimes ignored by the public. Consequently, the members did their best to work hard in different facet. Despite their hardship back then, it cannot be denied that they are totally successful now.

We are wishing all the best for BTS as the group surely deserves it.

On the other hand, I would like to extend my gratitude to my former classmate, Patricia Mae Pedroso, who helped me to come up with a great topic to feature the greatness of BTS.

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