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Universe, get ready because PENTAGON is coming back! [GENIE:us]

Pentagon will have a comeback on March 27, 2019 18:00 KST which is also dated as one of their members birthday – Yeo Changgu also known as Yeoone.

Pentagon will be back 6 months from their previous comeback Thumbs Up Album with lead single Naughty Boy.

This is already the third series which compeletes PTG (Positive, Thumbs up, Genie:us) and we all can’t wait to hear it!

8TH MINI ALBUM [Genie:us]


2019.03.27. 18:00 (KST)

1. #신토불이 (Happy Saturday Night)
2. #Lost_Paradise (Hip Hop Unit)
3. #그_순간_그때까지 (Ballad Unit) (Until that moment)
4. #에일리언 (Alien)
5. #봄눈 (Spring Snow)
6. #Round_1 (Bonus Track)

english translation credits to: YUTOpia_ptg (not final trans)

The title track is composed by Pentagon’s Leader also known as a GENIEus Hui. He also participated on the composition of all tracks except for Track 5 봄눈 Spring Snow which is composed by Kino. Track 6 Round 1 (Bonus Track) was composed by all members! bes, stan talent!

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Universe are all excited and hopeful to finally get a first win! Pentagon has yet to get their first win so let us stream and show everyone that we can finally get it this time with the talents Pentagon has instore for us!

Title Track 1 Spoiler

okay, bes claim na natin! BOP to!!!

Title Track 2 Spoiler

Shinwon being Shinwon! will our Paul Jack have a new friend?? ㅋㅋ

Promotion schedule as follows:

Be sure to follow Pentagon on their Official SNS to be updated.

Twitter: @CUBE_PTG

Instagram: cube_ptg

Official Youtube Channel: PENTAGON 펜타곤

PENTAGON fighting!!

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