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Anne Curtis shares her blessings to BlackPink Fans by giving them concert tickets

Filipino actress Anne Curtis has made the dreams of 34 BlackPink fans come true!

Filipino actress Anne Curtis has made the dreams of 34 BlackPink fans come true!

image credit to Anne Curtis’ Instagram

Last December, Dream Machine, Anne Curtis’ passion project that aims to be an enabler in making dreams come true, announced that they would be giving away 34 tickets to BlackPink’s upcoming concert in Manila. The giveaway was dubbed as “The KoreAnne Birthday Giveaway” in reference to Anne’s 34th birthday on February 17.

On January 30, the 34 blessed winners of “The KoreAnne Birthday Giveaway” was announced on the official Twitter account of Dream Machine. The winners will have the chance to be part of the most exciting concert for the Filipino Blinks!

What’s more overwhelming is that Anne Curtis personally went to meet all the winners and she hopes that they will enjoy the concert and will continue to spread the light and love in this world.

Isn’t she one of the sweetest K-fangirl that we know? It is indeed a dream come true for the fans to be given free tickets to BlackPink’s concert as part of their world tour. And it is also a dream come true to have someone like Anne Curtis in the K-Fan community who shares not only her feels but her blessings as well. She’s a dream machine herself.

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Aside from Anne Curtis, other Filipino celebrities have also publicly declared their love for Kpop and K-Drama. Recently, even the award-winning singer and actress, Lea Salonga, tweeted about the new K-Drama that she’s watching.

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