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Baro talks about his acting career; says he has not departed from B1A4

Singer-actor Cha Sun-woo, better known as Baro, talks about his career as an actor and hints a possibility of working together with B1A4.

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After ending his contract with former agency and B1A4 handler, WM Entertainment, on June 2018, Baro has found his new home with new label, Hodu&U Entertainment to focus on his acting career.

In an interview with Newsen on January 28, Baro said that though he was actively involved in acting as an idol, acting now feels like he has just begun and it seems like similar to when he was just starting as an idol. He acknowledged that it’s a challenge for him.

He continued by saying that he wants to challenge himself in everything that he does whether he fails or succeeds. He also shared that before ending the contract with WM, he had a lot of talks with B1A4 members. He always had an ambition in acting and wants to discover this new side of him. Baro said, “I have no regrets as this is the path that I have chosen for myself. I wanted to do my best and do what I could.”

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He went on to say that he has not departed from B1A4. He said, “I do not have specific plans yet but I have talked to the members. I believe that we will comeback in the same stage when the right time comes. We know that the fans are waiting for us, so we want to release an album together. But for now, I want to focus more on acting and show good performance for the fans.”

Baro is expected to enlist in the military next year as he turns 28 this year (Korean age). For the mean time, he wants to meet the viewers with good drama and character before he enlists. He said, “I do not know what will happen next but I want to do my best as much as possible. The review on the new character is important but before that, I have to work hard with my passion and heart regardless of the character.”

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Meanwhile, Jinyoung also revealed that he is open to work with B1A4. Is this a sign that we will definitely see the five members of B1A4 again?

B1A4 with three members CNU, Sandeul and Gongchan, recently released a solo track “The Day I Fall in Love” composed and written by CNU who enlisted in the military this month.

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