B1A4’s CNU wrote a heartfelt letter to his fans + entering the military today

On January 22, B1A4’s CNU expressed his feelings by writing a letter to his fans.

English translation:

CNU will officially enter the military today. He will serve as an active soldier after completing the basic military training. According to his agency, WM Entertainment, he personally requested not to announce the exact location and time of his enlistment. The fans did not set any ‘send-off’ event to respect CNU’s request.

The hashtags “#더_뜨겁게_사랑할_여름에_만나자” and “#신우야_행복하자_기다릴게” are currently trending on twitter as a support to CNU’s military enlistment.

Here are my thoughts as a fan of B1A4’s CNU. When i heard the sudden announcement of his military enlistment, i cried. I never expected it to happen so early that it made me so sad upon hearing the news. But i said to myself, “i should be proud of him, he’s now serving his country. He’s fulfilling his duty as a korean citizen.” I remember the time when our tour guide from my last trip to Korea said “Korean men become more responsible and passionate when they enter the military. After they served, they become a better person.” Everytime i remember those words, it made me happy and proud at the same time. I know that he can do it. He will finish his service and return safely and healthy. All i have to do is to patiently wait for him. 😊
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