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“Cabin Crew” season 2 cast members are in the Philippines to film

Updated information:

After School’s UEE were seen filming for Cabin Crew 2 in the Philippines.

A fan posted photos on Twitter and shared that the idol was geared as Cebu Pacific’s flight attendant.

Aside from that, iKON’s Yunhyeong also shoot for the show and was seen in Pasig City.

Original article:

Cabin Crew season 2 cast members are in the Philippines for a training.

A fan shared screenshots of SechsKies leader Eun Jiwon’s photos last January 18.

Screenshots only

The singer and actor is reportedly here in the Philippines to film for Cabin Crew 2.

Then, it has been confirmed by Shin Hyunjoon on January 19 that the casts are here in the country for their show’s training.

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Shin Hyunjoon posted a picture on Sunday via Instagram stating, “Hello Philippines,” and “Training.”

Official post here

Their fans are really happy and excited that the show’s casts visited Philippines.

However, it is not yet confirmed if they are still here in Metro Manila.

Regardless of, please fangirl responsibly if ever you’ve come across them, mga bes!

Cabin Crew season 1 cast members came to Boracay, Philippines last January 2019 to shoot.

The Korean variety show documents the works and lives of the celebrities who became flight attendant and are part of the cabin crew. 

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