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Korean Actresses Who Competed in the Miss Universe Pageant

If the 2019 Miss Universe pageant will be held in South Korea, can we expect these Korean actresses who once competed in Miss Universe to watch the pageant?

There are speculations that Miss Universe 2019 will be held in South Korea for the second time as hinted by Miss Universe 2016 main sponsor, Chavit Singson, in an interview. However, an official statement is yet to be made by the Miss Universe Organization.

If this rumor is true, can we expect these Korean actresses who once competed in Miss Universe to watch the pageant?

Kim Sung Ryung – 1988 Miss Korea

She represented South Korea at the Miss Universe 1989 pageant. She recently made an appearance in the drama adaptation of The Beauty Inside when Han Se Kye (Seo Hyun Jin) transformed into her while she was on a plane with Seo Do Jae (Lee Min Ki).

Oh Hyun Kyung – 1989 Miss Korea

She was the pride of South Korea at the Miss Universe 1990 pageant. Early this year, she played the role of Nam Joo-ha, Soo-ho’s legal mother and CEO of JH Entertainment in the drama, Radio Romance.

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Kim Sarang – 2000 Miss Korea

She won the Best National Costume at the Miss Universe 2001 pageant.

She was part of the hit drama series Secret Garden, as Yoon Seul, Oska’s first love and Kim Joo-won’s fiancé.

Honey Lee (Lee Ha Nui) – 2006 Miss Korea

She represented her country at the Miss Universe 2007 pageant and placed 3rd runner-up. She played the role of Song Yi Yeon in Come Back Mister, a famous actress who struggled after scandal and Han Gi-tak’s love interest.

Aside from them, these are some of the actresses we know today who also competed in the beauty pageants in South Korea:

Go Hyun Jung – 1989 Miss Korea 1st Runner-up

Lee Bo Young – 2000 Miss Korea Daejeon Chungnam

Park Shi Yeon – 2000 Miss Korea Seoul 2nd Runner-up

Son Tae Young – 2000 Miss Korea 2nd Runner-up

Lee Da Hae – 2001 Miss Chunhyang

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