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#AskHaeIn: South Korean Actor Jung Hae In Answered Fan Questions During his First Ever Fan Meeting in Manila

This day is truly an unforgettable experience for the Filipino fans of South Korean Actor Jung Hae-In who visited the country for his very first fan meeting held at Kia Theater. Before the fanmeet started, the fans were asked to write their questions to Hae In on a sticky note and post it on the question board. Then during the #AskHaeIn segment, he chose 6 questions (Yes, only 6! Huhu!) from the board and answered them on the spot.

Here are the fan questions that have been answered by Hae In himself.

F: What Do You Usually Do When You’re Bored Or Stress?

I like to eat delicious food and meet my close friends while drinking a glass of beer.

F: What are the qualities that you’re looking for a girl?

I like girls who can take care and love themselves. And who has a beautiful smile.

F: What was your first impression in Manila?

Manila is very hot. But i feel that your love is hotter than the weather.

F: What is your Ideal date?

Just enjoying a glass of beer at the Han River. Or watching a movie together.

(Insert Hiyawan.mp3 😭😭😍😍)

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F: Would you and Son Ye-jin meet fans together in any city?

I’m gonna ask Ye-jin Noona when i go back to Korea.

And last but definitely not the least…(like OMG besh!)

F: Do you think it’s possible to fall in love with a fan?

*Giggles* OFCOURSE….



So there you have it mga bes. ❤️

This is actually my second time to attend a fanmeet and i must say that this is an unforgettable experience that i will treasure ng sobra. Attending your ultimate K-drama oppa’s fanmeet is like a dream come true to us fangirls, right? Just keep on believing that someday you will meet him too. Never lose hope and keep on iponing. 😊

I will be posting the actual video on our facebook group. You can join by clicking the link here: Annyeong Oppa Facebook Group ❤️

This event is made possible by CDM Entertainment. Thank you for giving us an organized and super fun event. ❤️

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