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7 Beautiful Renditions of IZI’s ‘Emergency Room’ That Will Surely Capture Your Heart

Everyone in Korea knows this song and became a national anthem for those who like to sing in a karaoke room. Even famous idols of this generation are still singing it.

If you are into K-Dramas, I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard this beautiful song called ‘Emergency Room’ popularized by the famous rock band in K-music industry, IZI. The song was one of the OST of korean drama, ‘My Sassy Girl Chun Hyang’. This song is also considered as the famous song in a karaoke or ‘noraebang’. Everyone in Korea knows this song and became a national anthem for those who like to sing in a karaoke room. Although this OST considered as an old song, it’s still rocking the k-music industry. Even the famous idols of this generation are still singing it.

Here are some of my favorite renditions of this beautiful song.

1. Jung Joon Hyung

Based on the comments and reviews that I’ve read, they said that Joon Hyung’s version is the best among all other renditions. For me, his version is very good. I can hear the resemblance of his voice to the lead singer of IZI. He really gave justice to the song. I can see why this is considered as one of the best renditions.

You can see it for yourself:

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2. FT Island’s Jaejin

Who would’ve thought that FT Island’s bassist can sing a powerful song? Well, we all know that FT Island is indeed a talented group and Jaejin proved to us that he’s not just a visual bassist but can be a visual vocalist as well. (Hihihi! ❤ My primadonna hearteu! 😍 )

Watch his heartfelt rendition here:

3. Madtown’s Lee Geon

Honestly speaking, I’m not familiar with him and his group. But I’m really impressed with his rendition and that makes him included in this list. He has a beautiful voice that will catch your attention.

Watch him sing as if he’s serenading you:

4. EXO’s Chen and Baekhyun

If we’re talking about ‘vocals’, these two are famous for having a beautiful voice in the K-Pop industry. Their rendition is recorded at their guesting on a radio show called Kiss The Radio, hosted by their sunbae-nim, Super Junior’s Ryeowook.
(Chen’s voice Is just.. haay.. nakakakilig bes! 😍 )

Watch their performance here:

5. BTOB’s Hyunsik

Ehem! Ehem! (Lol!) Well, I must say that this version is one of the best live rendition of this song. Well, not because he’s one of my Kpop Bias (HAHAHA! Walang bias bias dito mga bes, trabaho muna… LOL!), but because of his unique version. He gave a new flavor to the song that made it sound like it’s his own. He turned it into something extraordinary and everyone gave him a positive feedback after his performance.

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If you’re not a Hyunsik bias, I’m sure you will start stanning him after watching this:

6. B1A4’s Sandeul

I have to admit. This is literally a heartwarming performance that even I, a CNU stan, fell in love with him after watching his King Of Masked Singer performance where he sang this song. For me, this is the most touching rendition so far. Sandeul’s voice is just too beautiful. So if you’re a Bana (B1A4’s fandom name) and you’re stanning other members, I must say, Sandeul is totally a bias-wrecker. Don’t tell me I didn’t warned you, mga bes. I’m talking from experience here. (LOL! Hi mga bes kong Sandeul stans! I love you! HAHA!)

Prepare your hearts for these performances.

King of Masked Singer Performance:

HeYo TV performance with B1A4’s Baro:

7. Kriesha Tiu

Who says that a girl can’t sing this song? Kriesha proved them wrong. Remember when she sang this infront of three bigtime judges on Kpop Star 6? He made Park Jinyoung of JYP Entertainment, Yang Hyunsuk of YG Entertainment and Yoo Heeyeol of Antenna Music very happy with her performance that even JYP himself was smiling throughout her performance. She just proved to all the girls out there that a true singer can slay any songs they want to sing as long as they put their heart and soul to the song itself.

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Watch her beautiful rendition here:

Did I miss any renditions that captured your heart? You can share them through the comment section. Actually, the first time I heard this song, I was like ‘Wait, this is too beautiful, I need to save this on my playlist.’ Then, different renditions are being posted online so I only picked the one that catches my attention. So there it is.

Once again, thank you for reading and keep on supporting our page by liking and sharing!

Kamsahamnida, mga bes!

Written by: Jess

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  1. Lee Geon of Madtown!!! He participated recently on a idol rebooting show, KBS The Unit. He was in final 18 but unfortunately he didn’t make it to be on top 9. But he’s a great singer swear!! 😇😊 you can check how amazing his vocal on youtube, when he’s in the unit

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