Funniest Answers to “Why Do You Want To Go To South Korea?”

South Korea has become the dream destination for many of us. Thanks to the Kdrama and Kpop wave!

So we asked the Facebook community on why they want to go to South Korea. Here are some of the funniest answers:

Same, same. We feel you bes.
Yung mapapa-essay writing ka in english.
Stay with me 🎶
Bes, ikaw na daw ang pupuntahan ni Jisoo dito sa Philippines. Hindi na sya makapaghintay.
Bakit kasi pinakawalan mo pa bes?
Bes, wag ganun. Taken na po sya. Akin na sya.
We Got Married talaga bes. Ninja moves din eh…
Bes, wag mo kaming kalimutan pag andun ka ha?
Bes, walang pandesal sa kanto nyo?

Ikaw, why do you want to go to South Korea?

Click here for the Original Facebook thread. 

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Written by: Annyeong Oppa (Joey


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  1. Sarap kasing isupot ng mga Oppa don at dalhin dito sa Pilipinas eh


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