6 On-Screen Partners of Song Joong Ki Before Song Hye Kyo

We can all agree that SongSong couple is a match-made-in-heaven. But before they tie the knot, let us recall the six on-screen partners of Song Joong Ki before meeting his life time partner, Song Hye Kyo.

1. Song Ji Hyo

Who wouldn’t remember the original SongSong couple of the variety show Running Man?

2. Moon Chae Won (Innocent Man) 

She also did Criminal Minds with actor Lee Joon Gi. 

3. Park Bo Young (A Werewolf Boy) 

She is our cute yet seductive girl in Oh My Ghostess and one-half of our favorite Park-Park Couple in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

4. Clara Lee (Five Senses of Eros: Believe in the Moment) 

Speaking of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Clara Lee appeared in the episode 16 of SWDBS as the dental hygienist. Remember her?

5. Shin Se Kyung (Five Senses of Eros: Believe in the Moment) 

Shin Se Kyung also starred in the series ‘Bride of the Water God’ with Nam Joo Hyuk.

6. Han Ye Seul (Penny Pinchers) 

She is also known for her lead roles in Spy Myung-wol, Birth of a Beauty and Madame Antoine.

Happy Birthday Song Joong Ki!

We’re excited to see your SongSong Kids 😉


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