Song Hye Kyo donates Korean signboards to commemorate the Independence Movement Day

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In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Independence Movement of March; Song Hye Kyo began another meaningful move, together with Professor Seo Kyung Duk.

According to a source, South Korean actress Song Hye Kyo and Sungshin Women’s University’s professor Seo Kyung Duk donated a large Korean wooden signboard and a copper board to the Yi Jun Peace Museum; which is located in Hague, Netherlands.

So far, both of them have steadily donated Korean guidebooks and other items to independence movement sites overseas. In addition, the website of “Korean History” was also released earlier this year so that the guidebooks can be downloaded anytime, anywhere.

On top of that, Professor Seo Kyung Duk mentioned, “There were some overseas independence movement sites wherein proper Korean signboards aren’t visible; or even if they did have them, it is in need of replacement. With this in mind, we have began donating Korean signboards that can be used as a face to our historical sites.”

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On March 1, the professor shared a post on Instagram, containing two pictures with a caption which can be seen below.

Aside from that, the two have previously donated patriot’s large-scale artworks to the Yi Jun Peace Museum in 2013.

Based on Professor Seo Kyung Duk, “The preservation of the remaining independence movement sites overseas is not in a good condition. However, paying more attention and frequent visits to historical sites are the best ways to protect the independence movements sites abroad.”

He added, “Song Hye Kyo, as a Hallyu star, is setting a good example of how we can contribute to our country.”

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