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FANGIRL DIARY: One month after “A day with Park Seo Joon”

It’s been a month since Park Seo Joon’s fan meet but it feels like it was just yesterday. Let’s start to reminisce our moments with PSJ.

Warning: Long post ahead because this fangirl can’t move on from PSJ’s fanmeet and this will be a throwback thoughts starting from the official announcement, ticket selling until D-day! 

August 15 – Hints from Mr. Ben Chan 

It was August 15 when Mr. Ben Chan, founder of Bench uploaded an Instagram video of him and PSJ in a photoshoot. Ever since, the fans commented on his post and asked if PSJ, who is currently an international benchsetter will have his fanmeet in Manila. 

I always felt nervous every time I am notified that there was new Instagram posts from Mr. Ben Chan until they revealed the mystery photo and that moment I knew, it was Park Seo Joon because my fangirl heart says so. 

Photo courtesy: Bench

August 27 – The Official Announcement from Bench

August 27, when Bench officially announced that PSJ will have a fan meet on September 29. I was in mixed emotions; excited because he will going to have a fan meet in Manila. At the same time, sad because I am unsure if I could attend the event. 

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That one month preparation isn’t a joke. I am always telling myself that if PSJ really came here, I’d definitely do everything just to afford the ticket since I am just a broke fangirl.

September 18 – The Start of Ticket Selling

I was there in Bench Bonifacio High Street the night before the ticket selling. Good thing, some fans initiated to have numbers for the line so that it will be fair for everyone.  Patron A is my chosen ticket although it is risky since there are only limited seats alotted.

I witnessed how crowded that day on BGC, and how fans patiently wait on the line. Guess that’s what they called fangirl’s struggles. But still it was nothing compared if you’ll see your Oppa in exchange of it. 

That moment when the staff handed my ticket, the pagod and puyat all went away. It was my first time to attend a fanmeet and I’m glad that it was for PSJ. 

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September 29 – D-day

Honestly, I haven’t had enough sleep since I got my ticket because I am too excited for the fanmeet. September 29 indeed is the most awaiting date for PSJ’S Filipino fans. 

When PSJ finally appeared on stage, I just couldn’t believe that I’m seeing him for real. My Ko Dong Man, Dog Bird, Vice Chairman Young-joon, Chief Editor Sung-joon, Dong-ha and writer Ri On is right in front of me.

Honestly, I cried because it felt surreal. My fangirl heart dominated my whole existence that day. 

It was minutes after when the fanmeet officially started because as PSJ appeared on stage, he gazed at his fans. He admitted that he was shocked because he didn’t expect that he has a lot of fans in Philippines. 

The fanmeet is indeed a “fun meet” because of the games and activities. He played Pinoy Henyo with the special participation of fans, he’s too cute right there. He initiated in facilitating his “Hep Hep, Hooray” version of “Park Park, Seo Joon.” 

Photo courtesy: Bench

And of course, the iconic aegyo from the RomCom master never goes out of style. We all waited for it although he is so cute while doing it.

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There are also lucky fans who had the chance to ask him questions, interact and even take a picture with him. 

Another thing, Bench also prepared a video greeting with the help of Filipino fans. Luckily, my picture greeting was flashed on the screen. It was so overwhelming to think that PSJ glanced at it. My fangirl heart is so happy. 

Photo courtesy: Korean Krungy

Probably, the saddest part of the fanmeet is seeing PSJ went out on stage. It was a “so near yet so far” experience.

Photo courtesy: Bench

All in all, it was a happiness overload. It was an unforgettable experience as a fangirl. I am looking forward on attending his next fanmeet here in Philippines.

Meanwhile, let us support PSJ in his upcoming drama “Itaewon Class” and movie Dream“.

Do you also miss Park Seo Joon? Did you also attend his fan meet? Share us your experience! Share us your feels!

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