Reminisce your first love in “A Little Thing Called First Love”

How far are you willing to go to just catch your crush’s attention?

What are you willing to risk for the person you like?

Chinese drama, A Little Thing Called First Love is a rom-com drama perfect for that light, student life story. The story is based on the Thai film Crazy Little Thing Called Love, a story of a girl who falls for her senior after transferring to a new town and new school.

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Chinese dramas have recently been the hype especially if it is about high school drama and first love. If you are still searching for more dramas to watch, here is one for you.

Student Life

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Miaomiao (played by Zhao Jin Mai) is a high school student who lives with her mother and younger sister. She encounters high school senior, Liang Younian (played by Lai Guan Lin), known for his good academic record and became her crush. Miaomiao also meets Younian’s cousin, He Xin (played by Chai Wei), jokester Wang Yi Chao (played by Wang Bo Wen), and hot-headed, Lin Kaituo (played by Wang Run Ze).

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Unlike the original film, the series extended the characters story during their college life, where they reconnect and meet new people like Miaomiao’s friend, Lin Xia (played by Wang Yi Mao), and Fang Xiao Yue (played by Zhu Jin Tong).

From the characters’ high school storyline and college storyline, viewers can see how it is to live as a high school student and the changes they have to go through college.


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Miaomiao had difficulty catching up with school lessons. It came to a point where she got confused and doesn’t know what to do with her life. But thanks to her friends, she figured out what her passion is and can use it for her future career.

Green flag male lead

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We all love male leads that are not only handsome but also has a good personality.

Liang Younian portrays a very understanding, friendly, and patient boy to his friends, especially to Miaomiao. Even though Miaomiao is slow at learning lessons from school, he doesn’t make her feel inferior or insecure. In fact, he becomes more patient with her and always sees another side of Miaomiao, something other people don’t see.

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First crush to first love

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Miamiao’s storyline of having a crush on Younian shows a realistic side of how teenagers first crushes at school, sometimes make funny ways to catch their attention.

From joining her crush’s club, asking for help in schoolwork, and passing by their classroom in the corridor, teen viewers and hopeless romantics will surely laugh but relate if they have experienced these first-hand.

Miaomiao may have a very big crush on Younian, but she was able to use this to see things better and become a better version of herself. Same for Younian, a student with the “perfect” image, he was able to show his true self to her, without thinking of what he should be.

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