Chinese actor, Chen Zheyuan has been the talk of social media ever since his C-drama, “Hidden Love” has been released. His character, Duan Jiaxu, has been stealing viewers’ hearts that Zheyuan has been getting more exposure online.

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Before Hidden Love’s popularity, Chen Zhuyuan appeared in other C-dramas where he showcased his diverse acting skills in his lead roles.

If you’re a new fan of rising Chinese heartthrob, Chen Zheyuan, here are some of his C-dramas you might add to your watchlist:

All About Secrets (2017)

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Chen Zheyuan plays popular student and basketball player, Duan Bo Wen. He seems to have a good life except he has family problems at home. Bo Wen gets his source of happiness from his childhood friend, Chi Zi (played by Landy Li) who also has her own problems at home and school.

This coming-of-age drama is angsty but also relatable since it shows how teenagers deal with personal problems at home and school, while also showing a tinge of romance to lighten up the mood of the story.

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Handsome Siblings (2020)

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Chen Zheyuan starred as Jiang Xiao Yu, a martial artist trained by villains. He was raised to kill his long-lost twin brother Hua Wu Que (played by Hu Yi Tian).

Both grew up to be very good at martial arts, keeping the oath they made to defeat each other. The brothers crossed paths one day and became friends, without knowing their identities but will soon become enemies and fulfill their oaths since birth.

Renascence (2020)

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Chen Zheyuan plays the prince of Da Chu, Ye Jun Qing. He becomes allies with the ghost of Princess Yao Mi Xin (played by Chen Yan Qiu) who transfers to the body of her sister, Yao Mo Wan (played by Li Mo Zhi). After her sudden death, she plans to take revenge against those who poisoned her.

Together, the ghost of a princess and a young prince will fall in love while fighting against the Imperial Court of Da Chu.

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Our Secret (2021)

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Chen Zheyuan is a popular high school student again in this C-drama. He plays Zhou Si Yue a student who excels in school and is loved by almost everyone. Adorable but headstrong, Ding Xian (played by Rainbow Xu) is the only person who dislikes Si Yue and the two of them get on each other’s nerves.

A turn of events happens when the two of them are forced to become seatmates in their senior year of high school. However, they will learn to appreciate each other and become friends—maybe fall in love. But when college life begins, will their connection still be the same as it was in high school?

Mr. Bad (2022)

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Like what the title says, Chen Zheyuan has a bad boy role in this drama. He plays Xiao Wu Di who is the main antagonist of a novel writer, Nan Xing (played by Shen Yue).

When Nan Xing wishes for an unforgettable love at the Fairy Pool, she didn’t expect the main antagonist of her story to be her wish. She tries to avoid him but her wish forces Wu Di to teleport and appear whenever she needs help. Wu Di will learn to adjust to the modern world with the help of Nan Xing until they both fall in love.

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Right now, Chen Zheyuan stars in a new C-drama titled, “The Princess and the Werewolf.” He plays Kui Mu Lang, the Wolf King of a beast-turning tribe. Mu Lang is arranged to be married to Princess Qi Pa (played by Wu Xian Yi) where they will slowly fall in love.

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Know any more C-dramas by Chen Zheyuan? Let us know!

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