For his first visit to Manila, Han Seungwoo definitely gave Filipino HAN_A’s a night to remember.

Versatile K-Pop idol, Han Seungwoo held his Special Live ONE show at the SM North Edsa, Skydome, last August 20, 2023.

Despite visiting the Philippines for the first time, Han Seungwoo says that thanks to Filipino HAN_A’s energy, he will definitely remember his experience in the country.

Let us look back on what happened in Seungwoo’s Special Live ONE in Manila:

Full-blown Performances

For his opening segment, Seungwoo immediately made fans excited when he performed, “Intro,” “Dive Into,” And “Flutter.”

Seungwoo also performed his debut track “Sacrifice,” “Runnin High,” “I Just want love,” and “ As expected, his oozing charisma made audiences go wild. Being a versatile K-Pop idol, Han Seungwoo was able to showcase his outstanding vocals, rapping skills, and powerful dance.

Seungwoo also performed his songs, “Lovelorn” and “Burn” before performing his last song, “We loved each other”—a perfect sweet, heart fluttering song dedicated to Filipino HAN_A’s.

Special VCR

Filipino HAN_A’s prepared a surprise VCR for Seungwoo. Pictures and videos from his pre-debut, to his VICTON days, X1 days, pictures from Filipino HAN_A projects, and until he became a solo artist were used. From there, Seungwoo and fans can see how far he has come in his journey to becoming a K-Pop idol.

Interacting with Filipino Han_A’s

Of course, interacting with fans is a wholesome moment for K-Pop idols.

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Seungwoo mentioned that his show in Manila is originally not on the list for his tour. But due to Filipino HAN_A’s request, he couldn’t say no to not including the Philippines in his tour.

There was also a segment called “Keyword Game” where Seungwoo is given a keyword and will think of someone or something related to it. Seungwoo was given three words but another one was included exclusively in his Manila show. The word was “Last” and he says that his last stop in Manila is going to be a memorable moment before starting a new chapter.

Bonus: Seungwoo danced to “U GOT IT,” a song from Produce X 101. He the dance steps of My baby nae majimak love, onjongil thinking of us, and fans went wild and nostalgic at the same time.

Since Seungwoo’s fandom color is purple, Filipino HAN_A’s started a fan project where they wore a purple ribbon on their wrist while he sang the song, “Burn” and threw purple flower petals at the song, “We loved each other,” along with purple confetti showered at the arena.

To end the event, everyone in the arena was given a chance to experience “Hi-Bye” with Seungwoo, ending both fans and the artist’s night with smiles on their faces.

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Watch Annyeong Oppa’s Special Live ONE concert experience through the K-rawl below!


Whether an ALICE, ONE IT or a HAN_A. Being able to meet you here in the Philippines will forever be meaningful. We are rooting for you, Wooya! 💜 #HSWinMNL #HANSEUNGWOOinMNL #한승우 #HanSeungWooinManila #HANSEUNGWOO

♬ Runnin’ High – HAN SEUNG WOO

Special thanks to makeitliveasia for making this event happen!

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