Unmask the truth behind Netflix’s Mask Girl

The upcoming series Mask Girl is setting the tone for its intriguing story through three main posters and a new thrilling trailer.

The trailer immediately seizes the viewers’ focus, as the central character Kim Mo Mi confesses her wrongdoings in a chilling tone. Moreover, the story follows Mo Mi’s life – from her ordinary role as an office employee to her transformation into a popular masked Cam model.

The journey started with her as prisoner number 1047, displaying a mix of remorse and aspirations for freedom. This whirlwind sequence of her diverse personas leaves the audience yearning to uncover the mysterious narrative that underlies her manifold identities.

Get to know the characters

Kim Mo Mi is someone who was forced to use three names. Kim Mo Mi, Showgirl A Reum, and Prisoner Number 1047. While her digital persona exudes an air of mystery, her offline self is burdened by the complexities of her appearance. Unexpectedly, a certain incident triggers her transformation into a murderer, introducing another layer to her already turbulent life.

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Ju Oh Nam, played by Ahn Jae Hong, assumes the role of an office worker whose only pleasure is watching internet broadcasts after work. He develops an obsession as he realizes Mask Girl is his co-worker Kim Mo Mi. According to the press release, Ahn describes his character as “a company employee who wants to erase his presence during the day, and to show his presence in his own world at night.”

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Kim Kyung Ja, played by Yeom Hye Ran from The Glory, embodies the role of a devoted mother whose world centers entirely around her beloved son. Her life takes a turn when her son mysteriously disappears.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Be ready to unmask the truth of Mask Girl, beginning August 18, only on Netflix. 

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