The cast and director of ‘Behind Your Touch’ tells you why their comedy-thriller drama is a must watch

The cast (Han Ji Min, Lee Min Ki, Suho) and director (Director Kim Seok Yoon) of the upcoming JTBC drama Behind Your Touch talked with the press last August 10 to discuss their drama.

Behind Your Touch follows the story of Bong Ye Bun (played by Han Ji Min), a small-town veterinarian with psychometric powers, Moon Jang Yeol (played by Lee Min Ki), a hotshot detective who was demoted in the small town of Mujin, and Kim Sun Woo (played by Suho), a part-timer at a convenience store who suddenly appeared to their small town.

When Ye Bun touches someone’s (both humans and animals) behind, she is able to see their past memories.

Ye Bun and Jang Yeol work together on small cases in Mujin until they encounter a serial murder case.

Behind Your Touch is a comedy-thriller drama that everyone will love!

Working with Director Kim Seok Yoon

Both Han Ji Min (Detective K, The Light In Your Eyes) and Lee Min Ki (My Liberation Notes) worked with Director Kim in the past and Director Kim shared that it’s nice to be working with actors multiple times. “It’s a joy to be working with the same actors again”, Director Kim added.

Han Ji Min said that she would work with Director Kim regardless of the genre and since she wanted to do comedic acting, she agreed to do this drama.

Lee Min Ki shared that he agreed to do this drama because of Director Kim. He also said that reading the script felt like reading a comic book.

Finally, Suho answered that My Liberation Notes was his favorite drama and that it was such an honor to be acting in a drama that was directed by the director of that drama.

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Director Kim Seok Yoon also shared his reason for casting the actors for his drama. When he worked with Han Ji Min in the drama Detective K, she didn’t have much screen time. So, he was happy that he can give her much more screen time since she was leading in this drama.

Lee Min Ki did a great job on his portrayal in the drama My Liberation Notes, in which a lot of men around his age resonated with his character. Director Kim also shared that Lee Min Ki is one of the few actors who look very masculine and tough. Another reason why he cast him.

The character Kim Sun Woo is a very beautiful and handsome man that’s why someone who’ll portray him has to be similar too. Director Kim added that Suho was the perfect actor for the role.

About their characters

Han Ji Min plays the role of Bong Ye Bun, a veterinarian with psychometric powers. She describes her character as a busybody and nosy but sincere. Han Ji Min shared that she wanted to keep the character as close to its description and didn’t want to be forceful with the comedy parts. Bong Ye Bun is a very funny character and it’s a guarantee that the viewers will laugh. Although Han Ji Min had a hard time making everyone laugh, she said she would gather up the courage and eventually, make them laugh.

On the other hand, Lee Min Ki plays the detective Moon Jang Yeol, who was demoted to the small police station in Mujin. In the drama, he uses Ye Bun’s ability to solve more crimes so he can go back to his job in Seoul. His character was described as passionate and a hotshot detective. Lee Min Ki also revealed that he also tried to bulk up for this role.

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Finally, Suho plays the mysterious convenient store worker named Kim Sun Woo. Suho shared that this character is very far from his real self. Since he is a quick and straightforward person, he had to learn how to be like this character: a slow-speaking person. Suho also added that in order to prepare for his role, he went around and visited a lot of convenience stores around his house to see what it is like as an employee and how a convenient store works.

Comedy-thriller genre

Comedy and thriller in one is hard to do. Director Kim shared that this drama has a lot of comedy in the beginning but as the story goes, thriller will come in.

Han Ji Min did a lot of comedy parts and Lee Min Ki shared that watching Han Ji Min act those scenes is very entertaining.

The superpower that they want to have

Suho quickly answered this question and shared that as a member of EXO, he already has a superpower, which is to create water. A trivia: EXO members were assigned different superpowers as a concept on one of their albums!

Lee Min Ki shared that since they’re promoting this drama, he gets this question a lot. Every time he is asked, his answer changes. So doing these press junkets made him think about superpowers and what he would want to have.

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Han Ji Min said that having Moon Ye Bun’s psychometric power might be a little hard and challenging. So if she’ll have a superpower, she’d want to have the time-traveling power.

Director Kim Seon Yoon quickly answered that he doesn’t want to have a superpower.

Why viewers must watch Behind Your Touch

“We have a wide variety of comedy for you”, Director Kim said. And since this is a comedy-thriller drama, the viewers will be scared as well. He also added that this drama is funny, hilarious, scary, and spine-chilling.

Han Ji Min shared that this drama is grounded and some scenes will definitely resonate with the viewers. A bit of fantasy is also in this drama. Han Ji Min also said that if you will watch this, you’ll wonder what you will do if you were in Ye Bun’s place.

Lee Min Ki added that this drama also follows the stories of all the people living in Mujin and Behind Your Touch will also highlight their lives. He also said that he hope that this drama will give the viewers the break that they deserve.

Suho said that there are many happenings in the drama that you’ll like if you’re part of the drama and investigating the characters as well.

Don’t forget to catch Behind Your Touch, every Saturday and Sunday, starting on August 12, on Netflix! Watch it here!

Watch the trailer of Behind Your Touch here:

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