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LOOK: Ji Chang Wook Excites Fans With A New Drama!

The long wait is over! After completing his mandatory military service, Ji Chang Wook is confirmed to be starring in a new TVN rom-com drama entitled “Melt Me/Please Melt Me”.

“Melt Me/Please Melt Me” tells the story of a man and a woman who took part in a project that will keep their bodies frozen for 24 hours. However, due to an unknown glitch, they will find themselves waking up 20 years later. The “experiment-gone-wrong”, also brings a dangerous side effect that can cause demise to the both of them. In order to survive, they must keep a certain body temperature to stay alive . How will they keep their lives intact when sparks begin to fly and tension starts to arise between them? A very interesting plot that we all must wait to find out.

(image credit to sbs.com.au)

Ji Chang Wook will play the character of Ma Dong Chan, a variety show PD who’s known for producing record breaking programs. His character decided to participate in a show called the “Frozen Human Project”. The design is to have his body frozen for only 24 hours but the story will unfold the moment he wakes up and realizes that he has never aged while everything and everyone around him have become older by 20 years. What has happened when life passed him by?

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Fans who have waited for his comeback are getting even more excited when Ji Chang Wook updated his instagram account hinting his return on the small screen.

Melt me down- wait a little bit 🙂 “, says the caption (translated to English) of an iced latte image.
(taken from JCW’s official instagram)

Ji Chang Wook is back healthy and whole! He’s bringing us a new drama soon and it is enough to make our hearts melt. Melt Me/Please Melt Me is scheduled to air in the second half of 2019. Who’s excited? I am!

Meanwhile, Ji Chang Wook is preparing to see his fans in a Fan Meeting in June.

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