The world of K-pop is a realm where talent, dedication, and hard work converge to create sensational artists who capture hearts worldwide. One such artist who has carved her path with perseverance and passion is Choi Yujin.

From her pre-debut days to her rise to stardom, Yujin’s journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to her craft and her undeniable talent.

Image Source: CLC Official

Early Beginnings

Choi Yujin’s journey in the K-pop industry began long before her official debut. As the longest-serving trainee among CLC members, Yujin spent over four years honing her skills and preparing for her moment in the spotlight. Her dedication and hard work during this period laid the foundation for her success as an artist.

In 2013, Yujin’s potential shone as she collaborated with Yang Yoseob, in the song ‘Perfume.’ This marked her first step into the music industry and showcased her talent even before her official debut. She was also part of the pre-debut group Cube Girls, demonstrating her versatility and readiness for the stage.

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Debut with CLC

Choi Yujin’s official debut with CLC came on May 19, 2015, when the group released their single ‘Pepe’ as part of the EP ‘First Love.’ This marked the beginning of her journey as a K-pop idol, and her presence was met with excitement from fans.

Cube Entertainment introduced Yujin as a member with remarkable visual elements and the potential to become an idol’s proportioner, showcasing her unique physical attributes.

Image Source: CLC Official

Yujin’s journey with CLC was characterized by dedication and hard work, as she and her fellow members worked to create music and performances that resonated with audiences. Their efforts led to their recognition and popularity in the K-pop scene.

Girls Planet 999 + Debut with Kep1er

In a remarkable turn of events, Choi Yujin’s journey took a new direction as she joined the Mnet survival show “Girls Planet 999” in 2021. Her participation showcased her versatility as an artist, and she consistently secured a spot in the Top 9 throughout the show.

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Her dedication, talent, and the connection she established with viewers earned her the third-place position, granting her the opportunity to debut with the winning group, Kep1er.

Yujin’s journey from trainee to K-pop star is a story of resilience, passion, and the pursuit of dreams. Her dedication to perfecting her skills, her early collaborations, and her triumphant participation in “Girls Planet 999” have cemented her status as a rising star in the K-pop world.

As she continues to shine on stages worldwide, her journey serves as a reminder that hard work and unwavering determination can lead to remarkable success in the ever-evolving world of K-pop.

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