Written by Sarah Jessica Mercado

In an exclusive online media showcase organized by Cube Entertainment on September 2, CLC finally spread their wings and fly again with their latest single “Helicopter.”

The title of the song serves as a metaphor for CLC taking off to the world with confidence by conquering the fear of the future and facing new challenges.

Its genre is trap pop and EDM Powerhouse, and it combines rap and pops in addition to electronic dance music.

Other than giving off so much energy, the group has returned with another masterpiece and visual effects that are more mature and modern.

Meanwhile, the song has also an English version which they hope to convey the sincere message for their fans globally who waited for them for a year and to reach a bigger audience as well.

Who is CLC?

CLC is a girl group with seven members presented by Cube Entertainment in 2015.

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The group originally started with five members namely Seunghee, Yujin, Seungyeon, Sorn, and Yeeun.

After a year, two members have been added to the family, namely Elkie and Eunbin.

Stream Helicopter here:

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