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10 Kdramas That Will Convert You Into a Seo In Guk Stan

Among all the popular south korean actors, let me introduce you to a ‘duality’ known as Seo In Guk; an excellent actor and incredible singer. You can read about his singer persona here.

This time let’s focus on his career as an actor and see how diverse his character repertoire becomes over time.

If you’re already a fan, (Good job!) just read on (and enjoy the list), but if by any chance you haven’t discovered actor Seo In Guk yet, here’s you chance. See the list below:

1. Love Rain

In 2012, Seo In Guk made his acting debut here as a talented musician Kim Chang Mo. The drama stars Jang Geun Seuk and SNSD’s Yoona.

2. Reply 1997

This is considered to be as In Guk’s ‘breakthrough’ as an actor. His chemistry in this drama with Apink’s Jung Eunji was off the charts. This also started off the great Reply Series of TVN. The drama’s OST All for you was sung by leads Seo In Guk and Jung Eunji. The song won “Best OST” awards in MAMA, K-Drama Star Awards and Melon Music Awards and even Song of the Year at the Gaon Chart Kpop Awards.

3. Rascal Sons

This is Seo In Guk’s first family drama and its actually 50 episodes long. The drama is centered on the story of a family having 3 sons of different personalities. Here he plays as the youngest brother who is already married but is prone to having affairs. He once said in an interview that the drama’s length helped him learn a lot from the senior actors in the cast.

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4. Master’s Sun

In this drama starring Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub, we have Seo In Guk playing as a strong second lead character. We also got to admire him in suits while he show off his actual martial arts expertise. Also, he still manage to work his singer self by singing the drama’s OST.

5. High School King of Savvy

This is his first time playing a dual role and second time playing as an effective high school student. As much as we got to see a quirkier version of his “high school character”, we would later find out that his other character here will be a take-off point for his future drama characters. And again, he got to flex his great vocals in singing the drama OST.

6. The King’s Faces

Seo In Guk’s first and so far only sageuk work. Here he plays the lead character as Prince Gwanghae. He starred with veteran actor Lee Sung Jae who played as King Seonjo. This role gave him an “Best New Actor” award from the KBS Drama Awards.

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7. Hello Monster

This is a great crime-mystery drama that solidified In Guk’s prowess in playing lead roles. This is also the drama that launched Park Bogum‘s acting into a new level. In guk plays as a genius criminal profiler who solves cases with detective Jang Nara. This drama stars so many great actors that you’ll easily recognize thesedays. These includes Do Kyungsoo, Choi Won Young, Lee Chun-hee and Son Seung won.

8. Squad 38

This is one very underrated drama that you should watch right now. It was aired in cable channel OCN so the popularity was not so great, but despite that the quality of production was very high. Seo In Guk played as a great Con man while his unlikely partner, a civil servant was played by veteran actor Ma Dong Seok. The drama centers on real social issues such as tax evasion, corruption, fraud and pyramid scams. It was so great that I’ll probably write a separate review for this.

9. Shopping King Louie

So far, this is probably In Guk’s most lovable character ever and is a huge leap from his past drama roles. His role as a shopaholic chaebol turned beggar was really worth seeing! Together with Nam Ji Hyun, the series created was so heartwarming and full of life lessons.

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10. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

After two years of hiatus, Seo In Guk came back to the small screen. However, he didn’t came back with sunshines and rainbows. Together with Jung Somin and Park Sung Woong, we were given a heart breaking melodrama that makes the wait all worth it. The drama was a remake of the Japanese TV series Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi. As usual, Seo In Guk was able to deliver a new character never before seen in any of his roles this past 6 years.

BONUS: KVariety Shows

Here are 3 variety shows that you can also watch in alternate to the dramas above.

Mari and Me

A variety show where celebrities serve as pet sitters. But the term “pets” is apparently not limited to cats and dogs.

I Live Alone

In case you didn’t know, In guk was actually in the pilot episode of the now very popular variety I Live Alone.

Law of the Jungle Mongolia

Before his enlistment, he was able to shoot as a cast member of Law of the Jungle in Mongolia. He also appeared in Law of the Jungle Indochina for 4 episodes.

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