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ICYMI: Oh Yeon Seo in talks to star in upcoming drama alongside Seo In Guk

We may be seeing Oh Yeon Seo in another drama alongside Seo In Guk.

Sidus HQ announced on September 28 that actress Oh Yeon Seo has received a casting offer to star in the upcoming mystery drama, Minamdang: Case Note alongside Seo In Guk and she is currently reviewing it.

If she accepts the offer, she will play the role of Han Jae Hee, an upright team leader of the violent crimes division who has worked as a detective for three years.

Oh Yeon Seo has recently appeared in Netflix‘s rom-com series, Mad for Each Other, and is remarkable for her roles in the dramas, Please Come Back Mister, My Sassy Girl, Korean Odyssey, and Love with Flaws.

Meanwhile, Minamdang: Case Note is a web novel-based mystery drama that depicts the investigation of the client’s cases who visit the suspicious caf√©¬†named Minamdang.

The drama is set to premiere in the first half of 2022.

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  1. So excited to see how she will handle her role as a detective. Maybe a cool detective. OYS has a solid acting prowess coupled with her wits, looks, and expressive eyes. It is always entertaining to view a lovely person taking the lead role just like in “Love with Flaws” and “Mad at Each Other”. This is interesting. Looking forward to this.

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