MASTERPIECE in MANILA: Remember Our Time

CRAVITY performed a total of 20 songs for their Manila Tour. Also, shared that Manila is the missing piece for their 2023 CRAVITY THE 1ST WORLD TOUR ‘MASTERPIECE.’

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I really didn’t know that Manila was this hot, everyone, you guys are the best in the world!

Hyeongjun, CRAVITY

These are the same thoughts that came from all the members as they said their final thanks to all the Filipino LUVITYs who dedicated their time to be with them.

Filipino LUVITY gathered together at the New Frontier Theater on August 5 to witness 2023 CRAVITY First World Tour: Masterpiece in Manila.


The group started the night with their song, Get Lifted, Baddie both from their recent album, Master: Piece and My Turn from their debut album.

After the first three songs, CRAVITY then greeted the Filipino LUVITYs for their opening remarks.

Mabuhay Beshy!


And the crowd went wild!

The group performed a total of 20 songs for their Manila Tour.

Some of the greatest hits that the group performed were ‘Veni Vidi Vici,’ ‘Boogie Woogie,’ ‘Party Rock’ and ‘Groovy.

If you want to listen to more of their Manila Setlist, Spotify Philippines has created an exclusive playlist for CRAVITY’s concert here in the Manila.

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There were only few gaps in CRAVITY’s performances, but they made sure that they would be able to communicate with Filipino LUVITY in a short period of time.

In addition, the group shared that they have tried the famous Jollibee Chicken and Palabok the night they landed in the Philippines.

Some of the members also added that they wanted to try Halo-Halo as well.

Another win for the Filipino crowd when the group started to do the ‘GENTO’ dance challenge by the PPop group, SB19.


Before ending the night filled with happiness and joy, Seongmin got to celebrate his birthday with the Filipino LUVITYs.

He was surprised by the Cake, Balloon and flowers gifted by the fans.

Some of the members shared their thoughts on having a concert in Manila, they have shared the same sentiments and feels towards the Filipino crowd.

If I knew you guys were this hot, I would have come sooner! Until we meet again, salamat po!


They ended the night with a song, ‘Light the Way’ and bid goodbye to their fans.

Thank you for being the last piece of the Masterpiece World Tour.


Everyone in the room, screamed together “August 5th 2023, remember our time.”

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This event will truly be a great time to remember, thank you for considering Manila as one of your stops on your world tour, CRAVITY!

See some of the events details here:

Thank you for making this event possible, DNM Entertainment and Starship Entertainment.

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