K-pop girl group CSR celebrates 1 year debut anniversary + get a chance to win their signed albums!

CSR (첫사랑) is a K-pop girl group under A2Z Entertainment. They debuted on July 27, 2022, with their debut album Sequence: 7272. Their debut single is titled “Pop? Pop!”.

At the time of their debut in 2022, all seven members, Sua, Geumhee, Sihyeon, Seoyeon, Yuna, Duna, and Yeham, were 17-year-olds, which was a first in the industry. They were all born in 2005.

The group’s name is an abbreviation of the Korean phrase Cheotsarang (첫사랑), which means “first love”. Their company stated that the group concept is to unfold the stories of girls that change every single year and will show the different emotions of first love.

Additionally, the group leader changes every anniversary. The group’s first leader was Sua, and after a year, Duna took over the leadership role of the group.

1st debut anniversary and live backstage interview with FLNK MAGAZINE

Last July 27, 2023, CSR celebrated their first debut anniversary and they met their fans, who are called MAEUM, both offline and online.

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FLNK MAGAZINE had a chance to do a backstage interview with CSR on their debut anniversary.

The members shared that they were excited and happy to perform for their fans on their anniversary.

Duna added that it felt like yesterday when they were nervous about their debut showcase, and now it’s already their anniversary.

Looking back on their first year as a group, the members shared their favorite first moments: Duna, Seoyeon, Yuna, and Sua all said that their favorite first moment in the past year was when they did their very first music show broadcast; Shiyeon and Yeham shared about their debut and comeback showcases; and finally, Geumhee said that their opening stage at KCON Japan was the most memorable moment in the past year.

Each of the CSR members are happy that they debuted and are thankful that they can perform for their fans and get to meet them along the way.

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One year from now, the members hope to be a more mature and professional version of themselves.

Finally, the members shared that one of the bucket lists that they want to achieve by their second anniversary is to hold a concert or a fan meeting with their fans. They want to spend more time with their fans and also, to perform for them.

CSR’s backstage live interview with FLNK MAGAZINE is now up for reading! You can read it here.

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Get a chance to win one of the three signed albums of CSR from FLNK!

Together with FLNK, we will be giving away three signed albums to CSR’s Filipino fans!

To join, kindly follow the instructions below:

  1. Make sure to read CSR’s live backstage interview with FLNK MAGAZINE. Read it here.
  2. In the comments section of their interview, leave a comment or cheering message for CSR’s first debut anniversary. Your comment or cheering message can be written in English or Korean.
  3. In the comments section of Annyeong Oppa’s giveaway post, send proof that you commented on CSR’s backstage interview with your name/watermark on it. NOTE: It should be a screenshot of your comment with a name/watermark on it.
  4. Together with your comment/screenshot entry in Annyeong Oppa’s giveaway post, write in the comments section HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY CSR with the hashtags #AnnyeongOppaxFLNK and #FLNK_MAGAZINE_CSR.
  5. This giveaway is open to Philippine residents only.
  6. This giveaway ends on September 2 at 12 PM. Winners will be announced afterward.
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Good luck to all Maeums who are joining! Thank you for your endless support for CSR!

For all Filipino Maeums, here is CSR’s greeting for you!

All images are courtesy of FLNK MAGAZINE

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