5 great reasons to watch ‘The Great Seungri in Manila’

Welcome Seungri as he marks his first solo concert in Manila! The Bigbang maknae is sure to bring only the finest Kpop entertainment. Here’s a rundown on why you should see ‘The Great Seungri Tour in Manila’.

1. Where R U from (Literally, Everywhere)

Seungri is more than just the honey-laced voice kpop icon – a CEO, Singer, Actor, DJ and a Jui jitsu medalist. A well rounded individual that never stops improving himself although he’s already at the top. #Hardwork!

2. Strong Baby (of Bigbang)

Known as the maknae of Kpop Kings BIGBANG, do you know he almost failed to debut due to his “lack of stage presence” according to YG? Despite being in the brink of elimination, he highlighted his dancing prowess and defended his eagerness to debut backed up by great singing skills. Talent reigns afterall. As twitter people would say, “stan talent”

3. Let’s Talk About Love (and friendship)

It’s no denying that Seungri is definitely the social butterfly of Bigbang. He has wide connections within the Kpop industry that extends outside and internationally. From sunbaes, and hoobaes such as EXO’s Baekhyun, Suho, and labelmates Winner, Ikon, and Blackpink. He even had his birthday on an exclusive island in the Philppines and had his friends flew in. Mr. Worldwide? Yas!

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For his upcoming concert, he will be bringing his favorite noona, 2NE1’s Sandara Park for a whole lot of fun and good vibes.

*Squeals!* We just can’t get enough of this legendary friendship.

4. What Can I Do (The questions is: What HE can’t do?)

A shareholder and CEO of multitude of companies internationally, there’s no stopping this Kpop powerhouse in venturing into some more business in the future.

Currently, there is And Here café, clubs namely Monkey Museum, the ever famous Aori Ramen with 15 branches and expanding, a medical cosmetic brand, Dr. Gloderm, all under his belt.

Recently, he became the CEO of YGX, a label under YG Entertainment assigned to handle its sub-label HIGHGRND, YGX Academy and later on merged with his label, NHR.

Would it rain money on his Manila stop? He is the great Seungatsby with a golden sink afterall.

5. Gotta Talk To U (About his The Great Seungri Tour)

After four years, Seungri is back with his album entitled “The Great Seungri”. The album topped iTunes and worldwide charts, thus, follows the launch of “The Great Seungri Tour” exclusive in five countries: Korea, Japan, Singapore, HongKong and *drumroll* Philippines!

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We can look forward to his monster stage presence while performing his title tracks: “1,2,3” and “Where Are U From” alongside his solo hits “Strong Baby”, “Let’s Talk About Love” and “Gotta Talk to U”.

VIPs can also be nostalgic as he performs some of Bigbang’s mega hits: “Bang Bang Bang” and “Fantastic Baby”. For his Osaka tour, he cosplayed Jennie of Blackpink, donned with a black wig and performed SOLO. Who knows what’s in store for the Manila stop? Surpise, surprise.

The Great Seungri Tour marks his first solo concert in Manila and maybe the last for a while as he is expected to fulfill his military duties this 2019.

VIPs and KPOP fans, make sure to shower Seungri with big love and support for his upcoming concert, The Great Seungri Tour 2019 Live in Manila: The Seungri Show, happening this Saturday, January 19 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. Tickets available at SM Tickets counters and online nationwide.

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