Let’s Get to Know EarthMix: What Happens When Kilig and Earth Mix Together?

Before we meet Earth and Mix in Manila on July 30, let’s get to know them!

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Written by Paul Angelo Barroga

Stars aligned, cupids aimed arrows, and destiny unleashed a tale for Thai actors Earth Pirapat and Mix Sahaphap the moment they were paired as the BL love team “EarthMix.”

The immensely popular duo has made waves across a series of projects that gained mass attention and huge followings, which featured their engrossing performances as thespians and mesmerizing chemistry as depicted lovers, further catapulting their stellar status as phenomenal stars.

As we await their first fan meeting in Manila, let’s get to know who they are amidst and behind the glittering scenes.

Meet Earth

Earth, whose full name is Pirapat Watthanasetsiri, was born on February 23, 1994, in Bangkok, Thailand. His acting prowess is academically backed by his education in Srinakharinwirot University’s Faculty of Fine Arts, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in performing arts in 2018.

His degree seems to allude to his harbored passion for pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, and it’s evident that he was born to perform with his many talents since he can also sing, dance, and play musical instruments.

Prior to his love team with Mix, Earth has acted in GMMTV projects such as “Water Boyy: The Series,” “Kiss Me Again,” “Love by Chance,” and “Theory of Love.”

Meet Mix

Mix, the other half of the pair, was born Sahaphap Wongratch on July 22, 1998, in Lampang Province, Thailand. He is currently a college student pursuing a degree in Veterinary Science at Chulalongkorn University.

Here, he became a part of “Chula Cute Boy” and represented the university during a football match parade, which opened doors for him to join the Thai entertainment industry. He first dabbled in performing as a member of the defunct boyband “Cute Chef Thailand” in 2018 before officially becoming an actor for GMMTV in 2019.

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One fun fact about Mix is that the animal lover in him fondly posts his pet cats on social media a lot, and we can’t get enough of him and his cute furbabies! 

Rise to Stardom

Thousands of stars seemingly blessed EarthMix as the new shimmering gemstone in GMMTV’s BL crown when their romantic drama “A Tale of a Thousand Stars” aired in early 2021.

It was apparent that they were poised to become the next big thing when Earth and Mix delivered heartwarming and heart-wrenching performances as the strong-willed empathetic forest ranger Phupha (Earth), who fell for the privileged yet down-to-earth volunteer teacher Tian (Mix), the secret recipient of the transplanted heart from Phupha’s former love interest.

Aside from serving looks and chemistry, they certainly gave justice to the gripping story of enemies turned lovers with fateful circumstances trying to push and pull them apart.

Award-winning couple

The series was beloved by fans around the world, with a Filipino-dubbed version even simulcasted locally in the Philippines through the streaming platform iWantTFC, and it went on to gain multiple awards such as the “Best LGBTQ+ Programme Made in Asia” in Content Asia Awards 2021 and “Opening of the Year” in HUB Awards 2021.

Through this show, EarthMix also won the “Best Couple Award” in Howe Awards 2020 and Line Sticker Thailand Awards 2022.

Continued Starry and Moon-lit Success

After their star-studded series, the high demand for more content from the pair was met with a succession of projects that satisfied audiences and even introduced them to new fans, heightening their popularity.

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EarthMix made guest appearances as themselves, a famous BL love team engaging up-close with their fans in the 2021 fantasy series “55:15 Never Too Late.” In the same year, they starred as high school friends who share a complex past in the short film and music video for New Jiew’s emotional ballad “Half My Life (All My Heart).”

Their second BL series came in 2022 in the form of “Cupid’s Last Wish,” where they play Korn (Earth) and Win (Mix), two estranged childhood best friends who set off on a journey to reverse a supernatural occurrence concerning Win. 

Fans couldn’t get enough of the two. So together with the stars, the moon shone over them as they headlined the series “Moonlight Chicken” in 2023.

For their third BL project, Earth and Mix respectively gave life to Jim, the owner of a local chicken rice diner, and Wen, Jim’s drunk customer who got tangled with him in a one-night stand and a complicated love story.

More recently, they returned to their iconic roles as Phupha and Tian and briefly continued their tale in “Our Skyy 2,” the 2023 iteration of GMMTV’s collection of stories that featured crossover plots from their arsenal of BL offerings. 

Beyond professionally acting in dramas with mature themes, the pair often shed their serious roles and lightheartedly host and participate in variety shows.

In “E.M.S. Earth-Mix Space,” they spend time and go through a series of adventures and shenanigans together in their “space,” with the show already having two seasons locally and a special season in Japan.

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They were also regular members in the first and third seasons of the reality show “Safe House,” a more relaxed version of the Big Brother franchise where GMMTV artists cohabit under one roof for a week and have fun competing to win a big prize in the finale.

With cameras rolling 24/7, a lot of cute real-life moments between the two delighted their fans, fueling much support for the EarthMix craze.

As for what their fans can expect from them during fan events, EarthMix also gained a reputation for setting ablaze and sizzling the stage with their overflowing chemistry and jaw-dropping performances.

For instance, most recently, in GMMTV’s “Love Out Loud Fan Fest 2023: LOVOLUTION” last June 24-25, 2023, they sang and danced together with charm and grace, concluding with Earth lying down on a raised platform and Mix lying sideways with his hand placed affectionately on Earth’s chest, the two locked in a flirtatious gaze with throngs of fans screaming away.

They also had their first fan meeting in 2021 via online streaming and have been to multiple face-to-face fan meetings across Asia, with the love team making stops in Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam, among others.

Surely, local and international EarthMix fans are well taken care of with all of the content and fan service they can watch to their heart’s content. 

First Fan Meeting in Manila

It seems like the stars have also aligned for the Filipino fans of EarthMix as the actors will finally visit the Philippines and ignite the hearts of their supporters for their first and much-anticipated fan meeting in Manila on July 30, 2023, at 7:00 PM at the SM City North EDSA Skydome.

Get ready for an extraordinary cosmic experience with your favorite BL love team! Grab the chance to secure your tickets before they become sold out (Superwave-Premium tickets are already, as of this writing) and gain access to exclusive perks that EarthMix fans can enjoy!

You can still claim Superwave to Wave 3 tickets at SM Ticket outlets nationwide or purchase them online at smtickets.com.

Let’s count a thousand stars and wish for a wonderful night filled with celestial surprises, astronomical swooning, and kilig-worthy galaxy of memories together with EarthMix!

This event is presented by Neuwave Events & Productions

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