Kim Woo Bin and Kim Sung Kyun to star in upcoming Netflix film ‘Officer Black Belt’

On July 26, Netflix confirmed that the upcoming action-comedy film ‘Officer Black Belt’ will star actors Kim Woo Bin and Kim Sung Kyun.

Images courtesy of Netflix

‘Officer Black Belt’ follows the story of a probation officer and a “martial arts officer” whose lives intertwined and start to work together to fight crime in their own special and relentless ways.

Kim Woo Bin, who recently starred in the Netflix original series ‘Black Knight’, will be playing the role of a martial arts prodigy who has an impressive nine ranks in Taekwondo, Kendo, and Judo. While Kim Sung Kyun will be playing the role of a dedicated probation officer who recognizes the talent of the martial arts prodigy.

The story starts off when Kim Woo Bin’s character saves a “martial arts officer” from an assault. “Martial arts officers” are officers that partner with a probation officer for physically dangerous situations. Due to his bravery, Kim Woo Bin’s character became a temporary “martial arts officer” for five weeks.

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Kim Sung Kyun’s character then saw Kim Woo Bin’s character’s exceptional talent and suggests he take on a permanent role as a “martial arts officer”. This duo started their crime-fighting adventures together.

‘Officer Black Belt’ will show the world of officers who keep the community safe through their camaraderie and special crime-busting skills.

Directed by Jason Kim, who previously directed ‘Midnight Runners’ and ‘Bloodhounds’, this film will surely give us an exciting action-packed comedy soon!

Are you excited about this action-comedy film? Make sure to watch out for it! Available exclusively on Netflix soon!

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