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The cast of ‘Black Knight’ discussed the dystopian world they are living in the upcoming Netflix series

Before the upcoming Netflix series “Black Knight” hit your screens on May 12, the cast and director of the series held a press conference to discuss their upcoming series.

Present in the press conference that happened on May 10 is the main cast consisting of Kim Woo-bin, Song Seung-heon, Kang You-seok, and Esom. Director Cho Ui-seok also came with the cast to discuss his creation.

What is ‘Black Knight’?

“Black Knight” is based on the popular webtoon titled “Delivery Men” written by Lee Yoon-gyun.

Black Knight” tells the story of black knights, the deliverymen of dystopian Korea, who put their lives at risk to deliver the essentials to the people.

During the day, they are regular delivery men who bring basic supplies and necessities to the people. But at night, they are the legendary black knights who fight for the refugees. They aim for a world where there is equality.

The adaptation from a webtoon to a TV series

Director Cho Ui-seok took an interest in the webtoon and he actually contacted the creator, Lee Yoon-gyun. He shared that he loved the concept and storyline of the webtoon.

In making the series, writer Lee Yoon-gyun said that they can make such changes in the story. The original webtoon contains plenty of characters and Director Cho was able to add new characters to the series.

Overall, Director Cho adapted most parts from the webtoon and added new parts that will be essential to the storyline.

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Additionally, “Black Knight” is Director Cho’s directing debut for a series. He added that this series only has 6 episodes but it felt like he was filming two movies. He admired the work and passion of all series directors as it was not easy to film one.

Director Cho wanted to make sure that this series has a balance of drama and action.

Talking about their characters

Kim Woo-bin as 5-8

5-8 is a delivery man during the day and a black knight at night.

He delivers the things that people need for survival. Doing this job isn’t easy as there are bandits who are stealing their supplies. Kim Woo-bin shared that in order to be a delivery man, you have to be strong to fight the bandits.

There are 11 black knights in this dystopian world of Korea. All of them are refugees who are fighting for equality.

Song Seung-heon as Ryu Seok

Song Seung-heon plays the role of Ryu Seok, the heir of Cheonmyeong Group. They have full control of the oxygen supply. Cheonmyeong Group has plans for the relocation of the areas in which the refugees are living.

The black knights are trying to stop his plans as it will affect them.

When asked about being a villain, Song Seung-heon shared that his character has his own reasons for doing this and you just can’t think about him being evil.

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Kang You-seok as Sa-wol

Sa-wol is someone who admires the black knights and aspires to be one someday. He follows 5-8 and helps him.

Sa-wol lives in the general district. He was saved by Seol-ah as a kid.

Kang You-seok described his character as bright, bubbly, and courageous. But despite having that personality, Sa-wol is a fighter as well. Kang You-seok that he trained for 3 months to do the action and fight scenes. Director Cho wanted him to be an action titan.

Esom as Seol-ah

Esom plays the role of Seol-ah, a military investigator. Her character is described as charismatic, strong, and moves based on a reason.

Director Cho shared that the moment she saw Esom in a military uniform, he knew that Seol-ah came to life because of her.

As someone in the military, Esom did a lot of action and fighting scenes for the series.

Kim Woo-bin, who worked with Esom during their debut days, shared that the Esom in this series is very different from the Esom that the audience knows which is lovely and bubbly. Esom in this series is oozing charisma and is very stern.

The world of dystopian Korea

Thanks to the amazing CGI and VFX team, the production was able to portray what the destroyed and dystopian version of Korea would be like.

Dystopian Korea is divided into four districts: the Refugee District, General District, Special District, and Core District, in which people of different statuses are divided. The hierarchy created in this dystopian world is what made them fight for each other. The refugees are aiming for equality while the ones living in the Special District wanted to destroy their homes.

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Song Seung-heon shared that through this series, he learned more about the different environmental issues that we are facing right now. Through this series, it raised such environmental issues that we must discuss more.

Why should you watch ‘Black Knight’?

Kim Woo-bin shared that each actor took on a different role as opposed to what the audience usually sees with them. “You’ll see a different side of them”, Kim Woo-bin added.

Song Seung-heon added that the setup is different from other series and you’ll see an aspect of this series that you won’t see from the others.

“The characters are charming and unique”, said Kang You-seok. Since this series is based in Seoul, you’ll see a different side of Seoul.

Esom shared that this series is composed of a wonderful cast. She even highlighted the strong female characters that you’ll see as you watch the series.

Director Cho added that “Black Knight” is entertaining and you’ll see a lot of different emotions conveyed by the characters.

Black Knight” is available exclusively on Netflix starting on May 12.

Watch the trailer of “Black Knight” here:

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