5 Reasons Why We Should Add Coffee, Do Me A Favor on Our ‘Must-Watch’ List

I think some of us aren’t very familiar with other K-dramas aired in different broadcasting stations aside from KBS, SBS, MBC, tvN, jtbc and OCN.

Mga bes, it’s time to explore and channel our inner k-drama fangirl spirit. Always remember this, the quality of a certain korean drama does not based on broadacasting station where it was shown. It depends on the storyline and how the actors (Famous or rookie) portrayed the role that was given to him/her. There’s alot of korean dramas with famous casts but didn’t have a good storyline (Based on my opinion ^^).

I am currently watching Clean With Passion For Now (jtbc) and Encounter (tvN). These are both on-going dramas, and I want to binge-watch a finished drama so I did my research. Then I found this certain drama aired in 2018 entitled Coffee, Do Me A Favor.


Coffee, Do Me A Favor starred Highlight’s Yong Joon-hyung, Kim Min-young and Chae Seo-jin. The said drama aired on Channel A from December 1 to 30, 2018. The story revolves around a chubby girl who becomes beautiful after drinking a magical coffee and a handsome webtoon artist who doesn’t believe in love. If you want a romantic-comedy drama with a twist, this is for you.

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Here are my 5 reasons why you should add this drama to your must-watch list.

  • Coffee Lovers Can Relate


If you are a k-drama fan and a coffee lover at the same time. Well, you might enjoy this drama while drinking your favorite coffee. (This drama will make you crave for coffee, bes.)

  • Remember The Grumpy Secretary of Seo Do-jae in The Beauty Inside? He’s Here!


This time, Lee Tae-ri played the role of Moon Joong-won, an aspiring musical actor friend of Yong Joon-hyung’s character Im Hyun-woo. He portrayed a happy and outgoing character in this drama, opposite to his character in The Beauty Inside.

  • This Drama Will Make You Believe That True Love Is For Everyone


Love is indeed No Boundaries. I just love the chemistry of these two main characters (Played by Yong Joon-hyung and Kim Min-young).

  • The 2nd Lead Couple’s Chemistry


We might hate Kang Ye-na (played by Gil Eun-hye) at first, but the chemistry between her and Joong-won is undeniably good. We’ll just have to forget the ‘hate’ and start shipping them. ^^

  • These two CUTIES!



A good k-drama always comes with supporting characters that will brighten up the mood just like Jung Sook and Lee Dong-goo (Played by Han Je-hoo and Maeng Se-chang).

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I personally think that this drama needs more attention since it has a good storyline and moral lessons as well. Just don’t expect a bigger production or a major twists, because it’s just a light romantic-comedy. If you are waiting for the next episode of your on-going drama/s (like me), i suggest that you should try watching this drama, it is absolutely worth of your time.

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