Dew Jirawat, the heartthrob from Thailand, graced the vibrant city of Manila with his first-ever fan meeting, and the event was nothing short of a delightful rollercoaster ride for fans. With a mix of heartfelt moments, fun games, and insight into Dew’s world, this fan meeting left attendees with memories they’ll treasure forever.

The fan meeting kicked off with a segment aimed at getting to know Dew on a personal level. Fans were eager to understand the man behind the roles they adore on screen. Questions delved into his character in the drama “Home School,” where he described Nai as aggressive yet straightforward, with a touch of innocence.

Dew even shared his thoughts on whether he could survive without going out for three years. His answer? Yes, as long as he has his beloved fans by his side.

Dew’s another project, “Magic of Zero,” was a hot topic, and fans were eager to hear his thoughts on it. He expressed his excitement about reuniting with his female lead and acting out the theme of love in a school setting. It’s clear that Dew’s enthusiasm for his work and the connection he has with his fellow cast members shine through in his performances.

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Music is an essential part of Dew’s artistry, and he serenaded the audience with the song ‘My Ecstasy.’ His melodic voice resonated with fans, creating an intimate atmosphere in the venue.

Dew shared some of the items he likes to bring when he travels. This segment gave fans a peek into his packing habits and personal preferences. It’s these small insights that help fans feel closer to their favorite star.

One of the highlights of the fan meeting was Dew’s culinary adventure through Filipino cuisine. He shared his experiences trying popular Filipino dishes, including garlic chicken. And during the segment called, ‘Dew tries Filipino Snacks,’ he tried the popular halo-halo, turon, and chicharon.

His favorite? Turon, a delightful snack made of sweet banana and jackfruit wrapped in a crispy spring roll wrapper. It’s clear that Dew not only captivates audiences on screen but also with his warm appreciation for the local culture and cuisine.

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Dew’s first fan meeting in Manila was a memorable journey filled with laughter, music, and heartwarming moments. It was an opportunity to appreciate the man behind the roles, to glimpse his personal tastes and experiences, and to share a part of his world.

Dew’s undeniable charisma, coupled with the love and support of his fans, made this fan meeting a remarkable experience for all in attendance. The enchanting evening left fans eagerly awaiting his return and looking forward to the next chapter in Dew’s journey.

Thank you for making our Saturday night memorable, Dew.

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