8 Hilarious Episodes To Watch in Lee Young Ji’s No Prepare

Aside from performing onstage, Lee Young-ji’s making her name in the variety industry! She appeared on some shows, such as Running Man, and even joined Yu Jae-seok and Lee Yong-jin in Come Back Home. Lee Young-ji has a Youtube series titled “No Prepare,” in which she hosts a drinking session with fellow artists.

About Lee Young Ji’s No Prepare

This web series stars Lee Young-ji hosting a drink session with fellow artists in the music industry. Here, they will play games, drink, and share some worries they’ve been experiencing. Each episode ends when the guest is drunk enough to go home! We know, the concept seems so funny already.

Now, we’re highlighting some of her best episodes with her guests that made us ROFL!

Seventeen’s HOSHI

Known as Young-ji’s ultimate bias, Seventeen Hoshi delighted Young-ji in this episode. Here, Hoshi spent some funny and emotional moments with Young-ji, with one of the highlights of the night being him suddenly crying!

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Monsta X’s Hyung Won

The guest that made Young-ji’s eyes turn into hearts! Hyung Won’s attractive visual made Young-ji shy during the first moments, but after a few rounds of drinks, their crazy side finally popped up! Spoiler alert: Too many heart-stealer smiles from Hyung Won might make you swoon!

Christopher Nissen

The first international guest to visit! The Danish singer had a great time eating Samgyupsal with Young-ji! Here, Christopher shared how much he loves his Korean fans. The two also exchanged some phrases when it came to drinking in their native languages. The funniest part: Young-ji’s straightforward struggle with speaking English!

IVE’s Yujin

Their strong bond in Earth Arcade might be one of the reasons why IVE’s Yujin became close to Young-ji. Young-ji helped Yujin warm up in this episode, unveiling a side of Yujin that’s only exclusive to this episode. 

Seventeen’s Joshua and DK

DK and Joshua from Seventeen join this list! The duo visits Young-ji for a fun night where they dance to the group’s latest song at the time, SUPER. One of the most iconic parts of this episode is when Young-ji revealed that she almost imagined having grandkids due to Joshua’s romantic gestures. (LOL) The two surprised Young-ji with a customized microphone that she’s been using now.

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Young-ji happily spent some time with BIBI, a co-artist with whom she shares the same genre: hip-hop and R&B. The two spent the night talking about the improvements in their lives as they rose to fame. Disclaimer: Some dating tips from both Young-ji and BIBI are for the notes!

AESPA’s Karina

Karina visits Young-ji, who dresses up as Shinchan to impress Karina. The two had a fun night, drinking a lot and talking about romantic stuff. Young-ji publicly confessed to Karina with a Shinchan ring that’s too hard to refuse. 

Jay Park

Lastly, Young-ji’s rap icon, Jay Park, joins the show to promote his liquor brand, Won Soju. In this episode, Young-ji surprised Jay Park with an amazing gift to thank him for being her mentor during Show Me the Money 11.

Can you agree that the list we’ve provided gave you good laughs? Which episode of Lee Young Ji’s No Prepare made you laugh the most? Share them in the comments below!

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Featured Image from No Prepare Youtube.

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