Lee Young-ji is one of the youngest and most successful Korean female rappers out there. Even though she debuted in 2019, she’s proven herself to be a household name in the Korean hip-hop industry. Here are some interesting facts about Lee Young-ji.

Lee Young-ji interesting facts

If you’ve only known her through her funny video clips and iconic songs, take this opportunity to get to know her a little better! 

Learn more about her in this article.

World Cup ‘baby’ 

Young-ji was born on September 10, 2002. The year is significant in South Korea, as it is the very same year that they hosted the FIFA World Cup together with Japan. Young-ji is often a ‘World Cup baby’ having been born in the said year.

Apart from the said label, it also shows that 2000s babies are now active in the Korean entertainment industry, with her as one of the frontrunners, especially in the Korean hip-hop world.

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Known for her quirky and funny personality.

Of all the shows she’s been to, Young-ji appears to be loud with an amazing sense of humor. When she guested on Running Man, the members were all impressed with her strong-driven personality to win the race!

To top it off, her variety stint allowed her to work with Yoo Jae-suk!

Rising variety show queen.

As mentioned above, despite her young age compared to all the variety stars, Young-ji started it early. Her quirky and raw personality gives her an advantage when it comes to the variety world. Through her Youtube show, No Prepare, fans can already get a glimpse of what it’s like to have Young-ji as a friend: chaotic and full of laughter!

Some of the variety shows she’s appeared in include Come Back Home and Earth Arcade.

A successful CARAT and NCTzen

One of the reasons why Young-ji is amassing a huge following is because she’s a proud fangirl! A proud CARAT and NCTzen, Young-ji had a successful fangirl moment as a CARAT. First, she was able to invite her ultimate bias, Hoshi, to her YouTube show, No Prepare. Fellow Seventeen members Joshua and DK also followed. Lastly, she was able to collaborate with Seventeen’s sub-unit BSS (BooSeokSun) with Fighting. 

As NCTzen, Young-ji also mentioned that she’s subscribed to Mark’s Bubble channel. Of course, she flaunted it when she was able to pose with NCT’s Mark and Jaehyun during one of the Music Bank’s episodes.

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The first female rapper queen! 

An impressive achievement at such a young age! Lee Young-ji won the male-dominated Korean Hip-hop survival shows: High School Rapper and Show Me the Money. Through this, Young-ji has successfully broken barriers and proved that talent and skills know no gender! 

She joined High School Rapper 3 in 2019 and won the show under team The Quiett and Code Kunst.

Fast forward to 2022, and Young-ji challenged herself to be back in the Korean Hip-hop scene by joining Show Me the Money 11, where she was hailed as the season’s champion under Team Slom (Jay Park and Slom). 

Continue loving Young-ji

Now that you’ve grown to know some bits about Young-ji, we hope that you’ll start (or continue) supporting her! We’re wishing that someday she’ll be able to meet her Filipino fans! 

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You can follow her on Instagram to stay updated.

Featured Image from Youngji’s Instagram.

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