Variety gem Jeon So Min and her adorable chemistry with Running Man members

Praised and acknowledged by fellow entertainers, Jeon So Min has been proving that hard work + talent makes you exceptional and irreplaceable.

The actress joined the longest-running variety show in South Korea ‘Running Man’ as a fixed member in 2017 alongside comedian Yang Se Chan.

Photo courtesy of SBS

She showed great potential in her first two guestings in 2014 and 2017, bickering with the members and being witty in any situation.

In episode 345, the interview for the new members was shown and So Min, talking to the PD, said she was worried because she’s not good in anything. She’s not smart and not physically strong. And that she’s scared of variety shows.

She was also caught having the same worry in an older interview saying “I think variety programs or other activities are really difficult. There is a big possibility that the meaning of my words could be distorted, and it was not easy to convey my sincerity. It’s because you have to keep the line in moderation.”

National MC Yoo Jae Suk revealed on Happy Together that when PD Jung Chul Min of Running Man asked him about what he thinks of So Min, he said, “She’s amazingly quirky. If you cast her for this show, I’m sure she’ll do her part well.”

And the rest is history.

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Photo courtesy of SBS

Despite all the worries, being a new member back then and also being one of the youngest, she showed that she can carry herself with her natural charm and variety sense. Viewers in South Korea immediately loved her humor and antics especially as a part of the “unlucky group” who usually gets the penalties of the show.

She had a rare and great feat of winning the Rookie Award in her first year and the Top Excellence Award the following year for Running Man at the SBS Entertainment Awards.

Being real and being a “little more”

Jeon So Min is known to be someone who throws away her image as an actress and goes beyond expectations when doing variety shows. She shows her true self, becomes vulnerable and transparent even with her weaknesses. Unlucky and a weakling? No problem! She compensates those with her talking skills and ridiculous acts that make the members and the staff burst out with laughter. She makes everyone enjoy her “idol” talents, too, especially dancing.

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With this, she is now considered as one of the top actress-entertainer in South Korea who is good as both and is also looked up to by younger talents such as Joon Hyun Young, IVE’s Ahn Yu Jin, and Kim Si Eun who wanted to be good in their main job and in variety shows as well.

As someone who has a professional mindset of never stopping to work hard and be better each time which even senior entertainers like Jee Seok Jin, Kim Yong Man, Kim Sook, Song Eun-I, and Jung Hyung Don are surprised about , Jeon So Min will definitely do wonders wherever she goes.

Chemistry with Running Man members

So Min is a mood-maker and has the ability to make people laugh and it evidently shows in the moments she have with the members themselves through the years.

Let’s watch and enjoy these compilations of her undeniable chemistry with everyone.

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Yoo Jae Suk & Jeon So Min

Jee Seok Jin & Jeon So Min

Kim Jong Kook & Jeon So Min

HAHA & Jeon So Min

Song Ji Hyo & Jeon So Min

Lee Kwang Soo & Jeon So Min

Yang Se Chan & Jeon So Min

Hence, Jeon So Min is really one of a kind with her unique wit and personality.

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