Hwasa’s “Maria” MV surpasses 100 million views on YouTube

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Mamamoo Hwasa’s Maria music video surpassed 100 million views on YouTube!

Ahn Hye Jin, best known for her stage name Hwasa, posted on the 15th of November on her official Instagram account a set of behind-the-scene photos taken from Maria MV as it reached 100 million views on YouTube.

The caption of the post says that she is giving this honor to all her staff, her co-members, and Moomoos.

Maria describes the struggles that comes with fame, defining the emotions that need to conquer and the effect of being in the public’s eye has on one’s mental health.

Hwasa also addressed that this song is like a diary that contains the emotions she felt as a 24-year-old woman.

In addition, Maria album was released on June 25, this year and it was her first solo album containing 7 songs namely the title track itself, Intro: Nobody Else, Kidding, Why, Im Bad too, LMM, and Twit.

Moreover, Hwasa is one the members of girl group Mamamoo under the RBW Management and also part of Refund Sisters which was formed on the MBC variety show Hangout with Yoo.

Hwasa once said:

“If I don’t fit to other’s beauty standard, I’ll set my own standard.”

Many of the fans love her because of being a strong and unbothered woman. As she stated, she is now setting her own standard of a woman’s beauty in her songs particularly in the song Maria.

Congratulations Queen! Continue to empower all women through your songs. You are such an inspiration.

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Maria was released on June 29th by 1theK Official. If you haven’t watch it yet, you can watch it here:

You can also watch her performance video here:

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