HORI7ON pulls off vivid colors + hi-teen school look, with all seven members with seven colored visuals

Global pop group HORI7ON has hit the hearts of the global fandom.

On July 7th, the concept photos of HORI7ON for their first full album ‘Friend-SHIP‘ were released on their official social media accounts.

The members were seen with vivid color stylings, making a strong impact with their enchanting eyes and overflowing visuals.

They showed off their chemistry with the unit and group photos and this chemistry creates a bigger buzz towards the teamwork they would be showing on stage soon.

Concept photos courtesy of MLD Entertainment

HORI7ON who has gotten the spotlight as they were the collaboration of K-POP and P-POP, has been active with their pre-debut promotions.

The first episode of their documentary ‘100 DAYS MIRACLE‘ was released at 7 PM KST and it ranked 1st in the trending list of the Philippines with the group’s name ranking as well, proving their global popularity.


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HORI7ON watching the first episode of ‘100 DAYS MIRACLE’

HORI7ON’s ‘Friend-SHIP’ will be released through various online music platforms this coming July 24th at 6 PM KST.

Source: PR from MLD Entertainment

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