hellolive presents: Wumuti Fan Meeting + get a chance to win live stream tickets!

Wumuti, a talented trainee under JPark&Company, has made waves in the Chinese entertainment industry through his participation in several popular survival shows.

Image Source: Wumuti Official

From his early beginnings as a member of the boy group SWIN and its sub-unit SWIN-S to his memorable appearances on Super Idol, Under Nineteen, and Boys Planet, Wumuti’s journey has captivated audiences with his talent, dedication, and perseverance.

Super Idol and SWIN

SWIN, which stands for Super Idol Winner, is a boy group signed to Pelias Entertainment. The members of the group primarily consist of the winners from the first and second seasons of the Chinese-Korean reality show Super Idol.

Image Source: Pelias Entertainment

Originally, they were separated into two sub-units: SWIN-S, which concentrated on music and performances, wherein Wumuti is part of and SWIN-E, which focused on acting and variety shows. However, in 2017, the two sub-units merged, forming a single cohesive group.

Under Nineteen

Wumuti first caught the attention of fans when he joined the survival show Under Nineteen in 2018. As a member of the performance team, he showcased his skills and stage presence, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. Although he left before the final round, his participation on the show provided a platform for him to display his talent and gain valuable experience.

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Boys Planet

In 2022, Wumuti embarked on a new chapter of his career by participating in Boys Planet, a highly anticipated survival show. Introduced as a contestant on December 29, 2022, Wumuti showcased his versatility and captivating performances from the very beginning. His talent and dedication stood out, earning him a dedicated fan base and garnering attention from the viewers.

Image Source: Mnet

As the show progressed, Wumuti faced fierce competition from other talented trainees. However, his unique vocal tone, impressive dance skills, and magnetic stage presence continued to captivate audiences. Despite his elimination in episode 8, where he ranked 34th, Wumuti left a lasting impact on the show, solidifying his position as a rising star in the industry.

Fan Meeting

Together with hellolive, Wumuti is sending you an invitation to Wumuti House! The fan meeting is happening this July 2, Sunday, at 16:00 KST and tickets are available for purchase at hellolive’s website.

Image Source: hellolive

Wanna see his fan meeting, but don’t know how? Don’t worry, bes, we’ve got you covered!

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Annyeong Oppa and hellolive will be giving away five (5) tickets for this event, so, you have a chance to join in on the fun and excitement!

To participate, make sure to follow ALL the mechanics below:

1. Follow Annyeong Oppa (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and hellolive’s (Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube) social media pages.
*NOTE: must be following all of the social media pages. If missing one, your entry won’t be valid!
2. Send proof of following for both Annyeong Oppa and hellolive with your watermark in the comment sections of the post. The watermark must match the name/username of the accounts used to enter the giveaway. If the watermark and name/username do not match the account, it won’t be counted.
3. Along with the following proof, briefly state why you want to see/hear Wumuti in the concert.
4. And make sure to use the hashtag #AnnyeongOppaxhellolive in your entries.

Hurry and seize the opportunity! The giveaway will end on Thursday, June 28, 2023, at 3 PM. Make sure to join now for a chance to win and share the concert experience with us. Best of luck, mga bes!

Remember to tune in to hellolive to catch all the excitement and be a part of the fun!

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