Lee Seung-gi reunites with PH AIREN on his first Manila concert!

Four years after his fan meeting, Lee Seung-gi returns to Manila as a singer to serenade his Filipino AIREN.

Last May 27, the triple-threat entertainer held his first-ever concert in Manila, “The Dreamer’s Dream: Chapter 2.” The concert is a sweet treat the singer-actor has prepared for his fans since his last visit to the country.

Filipino AIREN enjoyed their time as they wait for the concert to start with a photo-area and merchandises up for sale inside the New Frontier Theater.

Philippines is the best! – Lee Seung-gi

Lee Seung-gi opened the night by performing his latest hit, The Dreamer’s Dream. Fans spared him a few moments of silence before they greeted him with loud cheers.

Upon greeting Filipino AIREN, Lee Seung-gi was all smiles, recounting the happy memories he made in 2019. He mentioned that due to COVID-19, it took him four years to return, and he is really happy to return as a singer this time.

He even asked his fans, Kamusta, and clearly expressed that he missed them by saying Namiss ko kayo! To which the AIREN responded with loud cheers.

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Lee Seung-gi couldn’t get over the loud Manila cheers, exclaiming, “The Philippines is the best!” due to the heartfelt welcome he received. And as a Filipino AIREN present, most can feel his happiness throughout the night.

From Ballad to Rock

Fans can all agree that Lee Seung-gi has a charming voice! Whenever the actor sings, every listener can really enjoy the music due to the heartfelt way he sings. And if you know the translations of every song he sang, you can also feel his emotions in the song!

A funny moment, though, is that Seung-gi’s easily distracted! He cheekily mentioned that his songs should be ballads, but it feels like he is performing rock songs because of the energy of AIREN. Seung-gi mentioned, “How can I perform a ballad song? Suddenly, I’m hearing, “Seung-gi, I love you very much! ” and laughter fills the theater.

To keep the fun energy going, Lee Seung-gi performed his hit OST song, Losing My Mind from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho! AIREN couldn’t get enough of the performance and requested he performs it once more, to which Seung-gi happily obliged!

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Here’s a clip of that special moment:

20th Anniversary Preps

Probably one of the highlights of the evening. Lee Seung Gi teased his AIREN that he is currently working on his 20th-anniversary album. He also mentioned that he will collaborate with a lot of popular names in the music industry.

As a special treat to PH AIREN, he even sang a sample verse of an unreleased song. Acknowledging that Filipinos love to take photos and videos, Seung-gi pleaded with the AIRENs that they could take photos and record videos but highlighted that they should not upload the unreleased song. (We really hope PH AIREN obeyed this!)

Happy Seung-gi says, “I’ll be back!”

Throughout the night, fans could feel Seung-gi’s passion and dedication as a singer. He continued his concert by performing some of his well-known songs, such as Desire and Hope, Delete, and Music Time. Seung-gi also sang some of the songs he performed during his time in Master in the House: Kim Kyung Ho’s Forbidden Love and Ji Chang Wook’s Even Though I Loved You.

Encore was the last lineup from the concert. Fans couldn’t get enough of Lee Seung-gi and continued chanting his name! To everyone’s surprise, Lee Seung-gi prepared a special video where every AIREN present saw a flashback of Lee Seung-gi’s path to fame. He even penned a letter thanking every fan he had gained throughout the years.

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Despite the struggles he encountered in the past years, he is happy that his AIREN stayed by his side, and he promised that he would continue to sing! As he started his new beginnings once again, Lee Seung-gi ended the concert by performing his debut hit, Because You’re My Woman.

With his upcoming world tour in the works, Lee Seung-gi has definitely included the Philippines as one of his stops, for which PH AIREN will patiently wait.

If you’ve been missing Lee Seung-gi’s Manila concert already, here’s his official setlist to reminisce about:

Thank you to CDM Entertainment for making this concert possible!

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