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After 7 months, Stray Kids is back!

SKZ dropped the blast-bomb music video entitled ‘S-Class’ after their major success with Maxident’s ‘Case 143’. This refreshing music video challenges my SKZ mind to ponder the thoughts that popped out of my brain.

To chop it down, here are the 5 reasons why you should check out their new music video!

S-Class: The “byeorui,byeorui, byeorui’ supremacy

Stray Kids never disappoints in this comeback! Stays reciprocated the efforts of the boys by securing the top spot after breaking records with 5.13 million pre-ordered copies + and counting! But in this comeback, they pulled connectivity from their past title tracks like ‘Thunderous’, ‘God’s Menu’, ‘Maniac’, and ‘Case 143’. Beats, production, styles, and glitched transitions? Lyrics that could make you like a “star” shining on your own spotlight?

All feels are jam-packed here with S(supreme)- Class!

Photo from S-Class MV of Stray Kids 

Vision for S-Class 

Stray Kids curated this comeback with Stays. For those who haven’t known the circulated theories in the fandom, please finish this. Literally, we are in the fourth part of the body that Stray Kids try to complete and puzzle up! 

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The eyes – in the representation of the giant octopus. 

Can’t you sense it?

Photo from S-Class MV of Stray Kids 

In ‘Thunderous’ music video, it let us hear with our ears their major jump board with their bombastic beats. ‘Maniac’ music video made us think by using our brains. ‘Case 143’ music video gave us an opportunity to be loved in every beat of our hearts

Now, it’s the eyes. It’s time to be awakened and to craft our own visions in life. Let’s be ourselves. Let’s give the spotlight on our own star.

Ignore the opinions of others and chill like Hyunjin even if you’re on the verge of society’s opinions and pressures.

Photo from S-Class MV of Stray Kids 

The cinematic-action movie-like performance

Photo from S-Class MV of Stray Kids 

You can say at the first minute that you are watching a Las Vegas short sci-fi series. But, no! It’s just Seoul! 

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Stray Kids made it much more expensive with their visuals! In the intro of the music video, you can definitely say that the production put more effort into the location, panning, and framing shots up to the hard-sophisticated steps of the boys. 

Photos from S-Class MV of Stray Kids 

Seungmin’s ginger-colored hair notified the glow in this segment like a Hollywood star!

Photos from S-Class MV of Stray Kids 

Hyunjin’s close-up frame diverted and brought us to the romantic side of the music video – the slow-paced sway beats catch my attention!  

Photo from S-Class MV of Stray Kids 

Wanna see Lee Know’s iconic flying kick in this comeback? 

Check it out in their music video!

Urban and hip-hop genres drop with Chang Bin and Han’s Rap

The music mix and match of Stray Kids is the most top-tier thing I really adore. Upon listening to the music, you can sense that they mixed up more than 3 genres that could break the curiosity code of the listeners to finish the entire song. With the true-to-life raps of Chang Bin and Han, I never expected to hear a systematic melody diversion from one different beat to another. 

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It is totally, a must-hear indeed!

First KPOP group to perform on the moon

Have you encountered a group of idols performing on the moon? None? 

It’s Stray Kids!

Photo from S-Class MV of Stray Kids 

They made it possible with their concept! As their ship crashed, they landed accidentally on the moon, dancing on the craters with the upbeat chorus of the song. The ‘first-time’ and special place prepared by the best of the best class to S(Stays)-Class!

You can watch their full performance with the link below:

Overall, this comeback proves that Stray Kids returns as ‘5-Star’ kings on their own. Honestly, my bias line is extremely shaking with the ‘byeorui,byeorui,byeorui’ craze.  

How about you?

Are you still on the post with your bias line? Or it has been totally wrecked?

Let us know in the comments section below!

Featured image courtesy of JYP Entertainment

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