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STRAY KIDS successfully finished their 2nd World Tour “MANIAC IN Manila”

Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N. — collectively known as Stray Kids, just concluded their 2-day concert “STRAY KIDS 2ND WORLD TOUR MANIAC IN MANILA”  last March 11 and 12, 2023 at the SM Mall of Asia.

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We attended the day 1 concert and minutes before the show, Stays (Stray Kids’ fandom name), were already cheering as their excitement intensifies every time the group’s video flashed on the screen or a song played in the background. 

When the boys finally came out, loud screams and chants from fans filled the whole arena. With their spectacular stage, they started the night powerfully with Maniac and Venom from their Oddinary EP. As everyone went crazy, they followed it by Red Lights

Image Source: Pulp

After their 3rd song, they introduced themselves to Filo Stays. They mentioned that their last visit to the Philippines was during their Bench event. SKZ also said that they are very excited and promised to give their best performances throughout the show.

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With that being said, they set the fire on stage once again with their banger tracks, Easy, All In, and, District 9.

Stray Kids let us enter to their Back Door. Everyone cannot resist the charm of these 8 amazing boys as they performed Charmer. Up next is one of my personal favorites, Lonely St, then a VCR was shown after their Side Effects performance.

They came back with Thunderous and Domino wearing a blue Korean traditional dresses and a live band playing in the background.  Of course, the night won’t be complete without SKZ serving the most awaited God’s Menu

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After their breathtaking stages, it’s now time for their second ment. Bang Chan shared how Stays are their inspiration for all their performances. They also acknowledged the presence of the live band and then proceeded with Cheese, YAYAYA, and Rock.

Felix, Hyunjin, and Changbin took the stage. Hyunjin danced to Playing with Fire and had Changbin chanting “Best Dancer, Best Dancer” followed by Felix and the whole crowd. Felix was next and he made everyone go crazy over him with Love Again.

It’s now time for the vocal line! Bang chan, Lee Know, Seungmin, and I.N. showcased a very touching performance of Waiting for Us. Lee Know covered This City while Seungmin sang an acoustic version of OMG by New Jeans and everyone can’t help but feel so kilig. Bang Chan also shared that they ate Jollibee and added that it was really good. 

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Rap line Changbin, Felix, Hyunjin, and Han were feeling so fly as they said hello to fans with Muddy Water

OT8 rocked the stage with their hits Case 143, Hellevator, Top, and Victory Song.

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While getting ready for the encore, SKZ prepared an interactive game for Stays. They were shown on screen as they copied the members’ poses and danced to their songs. As the missions were completed, the boys were back on stage. They performed FAM and Miroh. It’s time for their last ment and members were all saying their gratitude and how much they love Stays. In return, the fans loudly chanted “Walang Uuwi“. 

Down to the last 2 songs, SKZ gave their all with Star Lost and Haven

What a great night with Stray Kids and Filo Stays! 

Image Source: Pulp

Thank you is an understatement to these 8 precious boys for giving us a moment that will forever be treasured in our hearts. Filo Stays would love to see all of you again, Stray Kids!

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Thank you also to Pulp Live Word for bringing them and for inviting Annyeong Oppa! 

Until our next concert, mga Bes!

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