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Stray Kids confirmed to comeback in June

Triple Million Seller group, Stray Kids confirmed to return in early June.

On April 24, JYP Entertainment revealed that Stray Kids is preparing to make their comeback in early June and they will reveal the exact date soon. Last month, there were reports that Stray Kids had finished filming their comeback music video for their upcoming album.

With the success of their previous album ‘MAXIDENT’ released last year, Stays are excited to see what Stray Kids will offer this time. Stray Kids solidified their status as a global powerhouse, becoming JYP Entertainment’s first-ever triple million-selling artist and earning the title of ‘three consecutive million-seller’.

Last January, Annyeong Oppa asked Stray Kids about being recognized alongside world’s biggest musical acts, they answered: “It’s really unbelievable to achieve such a huge accomplishment and I think this is a very big present that the STAYs have given us. And, our eagerness and the effort we pour inside the album was truly delivered to our STAYs as well. I’m very glad that this reach their heart and is a very big honor to us and we are very happy. We will make sure that we will do our best more and more.”

Are you excited for Stray Kids’ comeback?!

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