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8 Stray Kids songs that should be included on your playlist!

Stray Kids is a South Korean boy group formed by JYP Entertainment that debuted on March 25, 2018. Group’s members are Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N.

Image from Stray Kids’ Official Twitter account

From their debut song “District 9” to “Case 143“, Stray Kids showed us they have a diverse discography. They can make you vibe, groove, and cry through their song.

We know you are all ecstatic for STRAY KIDS 2ND WORLD TOUR MANIAC IN MANILA so we listed down 8 songs to boost your excitement more!

1. God’s Menu

Released in 2020, this top tier title track from their first full-length album “Go Live” still remains iconic. Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han also known as 3RACHA wrote this and composed with VERSACHOI.

Here’s Stray Kids serving “God’s Menu“. 

2. Thunderous

This masterpiece is from their second studio album in 2021, “NOEASY“.  With every beat drops, you’ll feel the song’s power and intensity. 

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Feel the thunder on the link below.

3. Maniac

With over 160 million youtube views, this  bop is from their sixth Korean EP “Oddinary” in 2022. It tells a story of breaking something that is so ordinary. 

Be addicted with “Maniac” here:

4. Miroh

This is from their “ClĂ© 1 : MIROH album in 2019 as part of their group’s first anniversary. They described MIROH as start of a new phase on their journey. 

Check it outhere:

5. Waiting For Us

A unit song to comfort us from Bang Chan, Lee Know, Seungmin, and I.N. This is also from their “Oddinary” EP. The song is as beautiful as their vocals that will make you tear up.

Grab yourself a tissue before listening.

6. Star Lost

This is another track from their “NOEASY” album. Star Lost is a healing song and a reminder that you are not alone. 

7. Lonely St.

As what the title say, this song is really overflowing with emotions. A lot of us might relate because one way or another, we all experienced a difficult time in our lives. This is also from their Oddinary EP. 

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If in case you’re going through something at the moment, we hope this song will give you a warm hug. 

8. Charmer

Oh you can’t resist it” is a mood while you listen to this addicting and banger song. Stray Kids proving us that all of them are such a charmer. 

Check out this song from Oddinary album here:

In a few hours, Stray Kids will dominate the Philippine stage for their second world tour on March 11 and 12 that will be held at SM Mall of Asia Arena. Tickets are still available at SM Tickets. This event is brought to us by Pulp Live World and Happee Hour.

See you, Stays!

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