The cast and producers of ‘The Zone: Survival Mission Season 2’ discussed the world they created for the new season of the Disney+ series

The Zone: Survival Mission is back!

This brand-new season is leveled up, upgraded, and out of this world!

On June 13, the cast and producers of The Zone: Survival Mission 2 held a press conference to discuss the new season of the series. They are very much excited and happy to be launching season 2 of their hit Disney+ series.

PD Kim Dongjin, Lee Kwangsoo, Kwon Yuri, Yu Jaeseok, PD Cho Hyojin

The main concept of the second season is to hold out for 4 hours to survive some disastrous situations that can happen in our daily lives. The missions related to the new season are what we could have experienced in real life.

During the press conference, there were three highlights discussed. The cast and producers went on to discuss the respective keywords related to the series.

Level Up: Mission

Similar to the first season, the cast has to hold out for 4 hours to survive. Yu Jaeseok shared that 4 hours isn’t even that long, but if you are in a position that is unknown, 4 hours felt like forever. He also shared that they get scared and taken aback by the missions that they have to complete in order to survive. He ended his answer by saying that at the end of each mission, he wondered how the production pulled it off as it was very impressive.

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Lee Kwangsoo mentioned that all the missions they had for this season were those things you would imagine as a kid coming to reality. He said, “This season put our imagination into reality”.

Kwon Yuri added that time is a very important factor in their missions. If they successfully did their missions, their time is reduced. But if not, they have to hold out for the full 4 hours. Yuri also related this series to our daily lives: “We have to work effectively”.

Originally, The Zone: Survival Mission was conceptualized during the pandemic and the missions focused on surviving extreme disaster situations. And since we’re slowly going back to our daily lives, PD Kim Dongjin shared that season 2 focused on holding out on our daily lives.

The catchphrase of the series is “holding out/hanging on”, so the main cast of the series is doing the missions trying to hold out for 4 hours, according to PD Cho Hyojin. A lot of people are holding out on their daily lives to survive and that is what this series is trying to convey.

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Level Up: Scale

For this new season, The Zone: Survival Mission went to different places in South Korea!

The locations that they went to were beyond their expectations, according to Lee Kwangsoo.

Some of the places they went to were a beach in Incheon, a haunted hospital in Dangjin, and KAIST in Daejeon. PD Kim also shared that fans can visit these places when they come to South Korea.

Season 2 is a very upgraded version of season 1 starting from their locations to the missions they have for the cast members. This new season is well-produced and conceptualized!

Level Up: Chemistry

The overall chemistry of the entire cast and crew is amazing.

“SooYuRi”, as what they call the three cast members, has amazing chemistry. They help each other out in order to survive each mission. In this new season, you’ll see how well their relationship is. Yuri even shared that she’s happy to shoot with his brothers, Jaeseok and Kwangsoo. She had a lot of fun in the second season.

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PD Cho also shared that the chemistry between the three is natural and that makes them fun to watch. He assures us that the second season is much better than the first.

The eight-episode season 2 of The Zone: Survival Mission is filled with incredible and out-of-this-world missions that you shouldn’t miss. The cast and crew put so much effort into making the series, that’s why you should watch it now!

The Zone: Survival Mission Season 2 is out now, exclusively on Disney+! You can watch it here!

With new episodes weekly!

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