5 emotional Running Man episodes to watch if you need a good cry

Running Man is known for serving laughs every episode, but just like anybody’s life, there will be some emotional moments at some point.

Here’s a list of episodes that you can revisit for a good cry or if you just want to feel something. Have some tissues ready!

Ep. 295 – I’m Sorry, I Love You Special

The theme of the episode was to provide an apology service to the old guests, apologizing for things they feel bad about from previous episodes. It featured Park Seojoon and H.O.T Moon Heejun as some of the guests they wished to make things better with.

The episode went all fun and games until they had to do it amongst themselves. The members had to go to a 1-on-1 conversation with another member and offer their apologies from events from the past….and it was emotional.

They expressed their hardships and how they felt sorry for the members because of feeling that way. It cuts deep as it is the reality that they were facing back then.

It was very awkward for them after, but of course, as the naughty members that they are, they always end it in a fun and heartwarming way.

Ep. 267 – 24-Hour Confinement Unanimous Race: Consensus

Knowing the members, they always bicker and are polar opposites. What would happen if they are confined in a place for 24 hours that will only let them out once they’ve reached unanimity?

The gist is that they need to complete three missions where they’re unanimous. If they fail, they will be punished. One mission happens every hour so if they fail, they’ll have to wait until the next mission comes.

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Thankfully, the place is loaded with lots of stuff that can help them forget about the time. They need to survive with anything in there as their phones are confiscated.

Coloring book
Jihyo’s Masterpiece
Skin care!
Monday Couple Puzzle

They kept on failing most of the missions so they had to do this one where they have to guess the amount of jumps Jaesuk will be doing on a jump rope. He was selected as the rep since he was the member who mostly failed at the previous missions.

They were sending him the answer through ‘telepathy’. Will it work?

Some of the members went emotional after the series of events had passed. The last bit with the montage of past episodes was very emotional, too. *sheds a tear*

Ep. 178 – Year-End Special

This was the legendary Running Man Vs. Writers Year-End race. The episode kicked off with the cast protesting against the staff due to a lot of water/mud games that they’ve been playing that year. That’s why the staff came up with the idea of battling it off and raffling off the Running balls that each team will get at the end of the race.

This was one of the episodes with no guests and where they’re teamed together. That’s why their teamwork really showed throughout the episode.

This is also where the song ‘Let’s stay nice and dry today’ originated.

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They did some nerve-wracking missions such as playing a giant Jenga game with Song Jihyo on top of it…

…and nothing more special, just crossing the Han River using the paper boats that they will be making themselves.

The result of this very mission will always choke us with emotions.

Rewatching this episode will make you love the bond of these members more.

Ep. 324 – Goodbye, Gary

We know you’re already expecting this to be here. It still hurts and it’s definitely included on this list.

Kang Gary’s departure episode is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It started off with a shot of 6 chairs that was not normal.

They found it hard to sit but they had to. They were all feeling blue until the actual concept of the episode was announced.

They were given a secret mission where they have to steal an item from Gary’s house and submit it to the floor below them without Gary knowing. The twist is, the item has to be bigger than the last one that is submitted. Anyone who fails to steal an item until the race ends will face a crucial penalty. You’ll see the members’ hilarious attempts in submitting such huge items and get away with it in a comedic way!

At the end of the episode, the members gave Gary gifts and letters. It will surely make you feel emo as the episode also shows his special moments with each member.

When Jihyo’s gifts and letter was shown, Leessang’s song ‘You’re The Answer For Me’ was immediately played and this will be your cue to totally bawl your eyes out.

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Kang Gary’s last slate.

We’re always rooting for you, Gary!

Ep. 559 – Goodbye, Our Inseparable Brother

Aaah yes, our most recent heartbreak.

This week’s episode marked Kwangsoo’s final appearance on Running Man.

The PDs consulted a former judge to get a verdict on every crimes Kwangsoo has done in the show. Based on the former judge’s advice, Kwangsoo is sentenced to 1050 years in prison. In order to get him out of prison, the members have to perform missions to reduce his sentence time. If they fail, they will get a scary penalty.

But the members have a separate secret mission of their own. Their mission is to take as many photos as they can with Kwangsoo!

The final moments of the episode where they read their letters for Kwangsoo will never not make you cry. After all, he’s with us for 3991 days.

Kwangsoo’s last slate.

The episode will leave you reminiscing about everything Kwangsoo has done on the show. He’s always guided by the variety gods and we were all there to witness him steal the spotlight with all his comedic antics. We will always support you in your future endeavors, Kwangsoo!

If you made it here, you’re a certified Runner who deserves a long, warm hug! We made it this far and we’re still here. Let’s run with them for as long as we can! 🏃‍♂️

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